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I ordred a kdl40r450a for the bedroom it should be here ~ 02/22/13. I Saw one at BB a while back good picture I thought it had a very slight edge over the equivalent LED /LCD Sammies at the time.
There was Panasonic 42 LED/LCD there looking real decent also . Those 3 had the best pictures of all the under 1K LED/LCD 40-50" sets IMO anyway.

I went back this wk . to take another look
They were all gone except they did have 40EH5300 and 5500 Sammies . The Sammies didn't look as good as I remembered could have been a Panel version thing.
I looked at other 40-46" ended up going home and ordered the Sony. It's replacing a 2012 32" Toshiba CCFL/LCD with a real nice 450cd/m2 4500:1 CR Samsung SPVA panel in it ,if it matches that it will be fine.

IIRC when I did see the Sony that would not be a problem I believe the Sony is using either an AUO or Samsung rear LED back light PVA panel so I'm expecting a good picture and decent bright room viewing .

Update got the Sony KDL 40R450A pretty decent picture and sound for a 40"
it's as good as anything (at least that I have seen) in it's price range.
It has a Samsung SPVA rear back light LED panel .
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Originally Posted by Ron Knepper View Post

Finally heard back, I am getting the same TV which is fine with me.  I like this one alot and now my minor issue is fixed plus I get 2 more years on the warranty.

Guess it doesn't matter if you get a new 5 year old TV or a refurb as long as the warranty is there. My 5 year old KDL52XBR9 is working like new. No panel issues, so far. They'll probably appear sometime shortly after 4/1. eek.gif
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Sony has extended the Limited Warranty on Sony Bravia KDL-52XBR9 and KDL-52Z5100 till 3/31/2014.


Sony's phone number is 1-888-649-7669. When you call, you must be in front of your TV and you will need your serial number.
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My KDL-52XBR9 has ghosting issues and the left side of the TV has lost most of its backlighting. I called Sony today and the short of it is I'm getting my TV replaced for free with another xbr9 with a 2 year extended warranty. Not bad since I bought my TV back in 2009. At first they did not know about the extended warranty but their story quickly changed once I mentioned it. They will ship the TV and then provide a pre-paid return shipping label to send the old TV back in 15 days. I will caution everyone on two points:

1) mention that you have vertical lines on your TV. Sony was saying that my screen anomalies were not covered by the extended warranty since my issues were not an LCD panel issue.

"In addition, customers who paid out-of-pocket to repair the LCD Panel due to picture anomalies on one of the Affected Models prior to the date of this announcement may be eligible to be reimbursed by mail for parts and labor expenses."
source: http://esupport.sony.com/news/449/US/EN/

2) when they ask you if anything has changed with your setup just say nothing has changed to avoid any trouble.

I hope this helps anybody get their TV replaced.
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I just received my replacement TV today and it is a Bravia KDL-55W802A! They had told me I was getting another Bravia KDL-52XBR9 but this one showed up instead. The TV is brand new and came in original packaging. I am pretty happy about getting this new TV and slightly larger with 3D support and LED technology. Go Sony! Plus I have the free extended 2 year warranty on this TV.
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cool. my 52" xbr9 is still going strong.
i've had slight clouding since i got it and nothing has changed in the yrs i've been using it.

still have my 40" XBR3, but it's getting long in the tooth compared to the xbr9 and i'm sure the newer models are tons better than the xbr9
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