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Sony RDR VX560

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I have this recorder Sony RDR -VHS combo 560 and I've following set up:
From DirecTV receiver signal goes to the RDR and from there I tried all three ways
(S cable HD cable and component - 3 connectors cable) to the TV. All units are Sony.
The problem I have is that I cannot display the subtitles, even though Subtitle function on the RDR is on . This is a tunerless RDR.
Thanks for any help in advance!
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I'm not familiar with your DVDR but with my Panasonic DVDRs I've not been able to record sub titles. It will play subtitles from commercial discs, I just don't think it actually records them. I believe other DVDRs record subtitles only if they're displayed when the recording is actually made. My Panasonics would do that also but then you couldn't ever turn them off, they'd become a permanent part of the picture. It's possible your Sony is like my Panny.
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It isn't clear from your question exactly which part of your system is not displaying the captions: do they still show on the TV if the recorder is removed from the system, or has your DirecTV just suddenly stopped providing captions altogether? I have always found the captions were weirdly dependent on the combination of television set and wiring layout, it can be difficult to troubleshoot when they disappear.

You should be able to record selectable captions as long as they are transmitted by DirecTV thru their box. I recently recorded a comedy special from HBO via my Time Warner cable decoder box, using a Pioneer 540 DVD recorder. When I brought the DVD to my friends house last weekend, and played it on her four year old Phillips DVD recorder to her ten year old Zenith TV, I was surprised to see the captions come right up when she couldn't hear well and pressed the CC button on her TV remote. If my 2006 Pioneer recorder embedded the hidden captions, I would imagine your new Sony has the same capability: have you tried a wide selection of shows on different channels to be sure it isn't a glitch with a just few stations on DirecTV?
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Thanks guys,
Let me clarify my problem. I don't have problem playing VHS or DVD with closed capturing and I can see them on the TV screen. The problem is when I watch something from Directv broadcasting, then Sony RDR (which is between the receiver and the TV) cuts all closed capturing no matter of the set up.
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