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Looking to buy a DVHS recoder?  

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Hello all!

I am in the market for a Digital VHS recorder. I been searching on the net, but I cant seem to find much stuff about them. So I was wondering what is your ideas on what the best one is? I want that has firewire out, and records in good quality. What is the price range on them? Is there any good ones under $1000? Can you record on SVHS tapes? Or do you need DVHS tapes? Thanks for you help! any feedback would be helpfull :)
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Fee- You need to read the many threads on this subject. All your questions have been answered many many many times. Read first, then post any questions you have that you didn't understand. set the forum to go back 30 days and that should keep you busy!
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Don, I as still trying to decide if I should purchase the US JVC 30000 or the Japan 35000.

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Thanks for the tip! Found some great info! Now Im really like the JVC 30000, but I read it has a playback bug? Are the new versions of the 30000 the same way? Any new model going to come out? Like the 35000?
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Its not clear what the 30000 playback bug is. I have heard the tests were done recording from the S-video input onto tape and this is where the problem was seen.

Using the dtc100 to record firewire to the 30000 has produced NONE of these effects that we have seen. Staying digital solves many issues.

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We all know that SVHS tape stock is NOT supported by any of these DVHS machines for HDTV recording. The fact that we can use it or make it usable is OK but when doing testing you should stick to the supported tape stock for best, most credible test results. Unless testing the tape itself, using DVHS tape stock should be the rule. I even used DVHS stock when first verifying the Mitsubishi compatibility. After that was established, I then went on to determine the Mits' ability to work with SVHS stock and determined the limits of acceptance. Therefore the report, I agree, may not be credible.
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This question may have been answered before but will those JVC DVHS decks be able to record and playback over-the-air broadcasts (e.g. ABC, CBS, etc.) and will take the input from the component video cables (e.g. from a Dish 6000 or HD tuner output)? Thanks.
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