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Recording 1080p  

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There has been a lot of discussion on the various AVS forums recently about why they do/don't transmit 1080p HDTV. But the HDTV Recording forum seems the best place to post this.

I just wanted to point out that most HDTV movies are telecined when transmitted in 1080i. And increasingly PC DVD software can play 1080i or even ATSC streams.

But DVD player software actually gets a peformance advantage from doing IVTC, 3:2 pulldown removal, because then it only has to display 24 frames / second instead of 30.

The net result of this should be that anytime now you record the full ATSC stream of an HDTV movie, in the future you should be able to play it back as 1080p, just as software DVD players now play DVD's as 480p. And it is only a small hardware performance step away. Some folks can probably already do it.

So we are already recording 1080p movies. In the near future we will have to get some way to play them properly.

Maybe this is all obvious, or maybe it is all just wrong, but I thought I'd post it.

- Tom
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Too bad 1080p playback isn't currently an option with HIPIX.
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Yes, but 1080i transmissions are vertically filtered to avoid interlace artifacts, losing resolution compared to native 1080p.

That does not prevent 1080i to be quite good sometimes!
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Yes, 1080i transmissions are usually vertically filtered, but they do not have to be. I would prefer 1080i to be transmitted without any filtering, and the receiver would optionally apply a user-specified amount of filtering.
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It has been an analog TV world for too long. The solution to almost any defect or imperfection is to soften it so it can't be seen.

This is done by multiple folks along the food chain, with cumulative effect and I think only time will change this habit. Meanwhile, each perpetrator can present sound logical, mathematical, electronic, economic, political, and security reasons why they just have to grind the digital signal through another low-pass filter.

It is an abomination worse than mutating the aspect ratio. Everyone may feel free to flame me here. <shields up>

- Tom
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