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To all the people in this thread who are admonishing the tap/rub technique you might need to reconcider.

I recently purchased a Samsung UN50EH5300 as a secondary TV. I noticed the clouding issue within the first couple of hours of use. This was completely unacceptable of course. I had never experienced this problem before in any of my TV's or monitors, but I remembered reading about the rubbing or tapping fix some time ago. I decided to give it a try.

It worked, and it worked wonderfully. Those shooting down this technique without ever trying it are doing themselves a disservice. The amount of pressure required to achieve the desired results is negligible. I sold Tv's for a major retailer, was a Sony technician, and run two "tech blogs" with a 3rd launching this year. I have also had countless conversations with reps and techs from all the major TV manufactures. This technique can be done safely, if you are careful.

I repeat, THE AMOUNT OF PRESSURE REQUIRED TO ACHIEVE THE DESIRED RESULT IS NEGLIGIBLE. When it coms to clouding, the issue does in (some cases, not all) fact seem to be a slight separation between some layers of the screen. When you rub or tap the affected area (which I would recommend doing on a completely black screen and off angle to make the clouding as visible as possible) you will see a slight pulse in light as the panel realigns itself. While LCD screens are fragile... they are not fragile to the point that they can not be touched. Could you damage your screen by doing this? Sure, anything is possible... but it's extremely unlikely given that the required pressure is so little
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I joined this forum SPECIFICALLY to reply to this post -

This worked like a CHARM. I just bought a 50 inch LED tv, got it all lovingly set up to replace the old flatscreen (died prematurely), and noticed the light bleed - an incredible amount, taking up almost the entire middle of the screen. Using this method, I was able to almost completely eliminate the entire section, leaving me with a wonderfully uniform black background.
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Just tried it and got about a 60% improvement. That seems to be about all i can get after spending some time with it. I had a big cloud off-center right, and this emliminated it complely. Flashlighting in the bottom corners is only slightly reduced. Overall DEFINITELY worth it. Most of the people in this thread who have tried the fix were successful and were glad they did it. For the few it didnt work for, their tv's are fine.
We have yet to hear from someone who has damaged their TV with the fix. We have yet to hear from someone who has made the problem worse with the fix. That doesn't mean the naysayers are "wrong", it just means that generally, anyone who owns an expensive LED TV that they bought with their own money isn't a full r3tard lacking common sense. Those who slam on this fix underestimate the power of cautious, educated and informed execution.

Sure they're right about this on a certain level......if you do this fix while you're on meth, or you make your 4 year old nephew do the fix, yeah, your TV's gonna get f**ked up.
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Just bought a 47" Sony w802a.. I am facing a peculiar problem of light bleeding. When my set arrived i first tried to look for light bleeding problem by watching dark knight rises in total darkness. To my relief there wasn't any light bleed. Than after a couple of days i noticed some amount of light bleed from the bottom left and right hand side corners of the set. I immediately switched of my lights and found that it was fairly noticeable. The next day again at night i gave my set a battery of tests by playing dark scenes at night and there was absolutely no light bleed. This was fairly puzzling as this problem of light bleed coming and going continued for some nights. until one day i figured out the issue for some reason the light bleed would start after about half an hour of putting on my air conditioner which is directly above the table on which my t.v is placed and by turning it off the problem of light bleed would also go away after some time.

Lately for the last 3 days i don't know if it is because of the weather the light bleed has started even with the air conditioning off. I am starting to wonder if the weather has a hand in it cause its been raining and humidity level has also been 100% for a week now.
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Here is my Before TV shot, you can see the white splotches in the middle:




Those are 2 pictures that show the giant splotch in the middle, this appeared after moving my TV some 1500 miles.  After reading this post and trying the above method this I now how it looks:



Those are from different angles, and yes you can see the main backlight that's because I have it turned on with a movie paused in the background on a black screen.  Pretty amazing I would say I thought I was going to have to live with those splotches.

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Tried this on HP w2408h  and it worked a tiny bit only.  Still not getting good blacks. . .  Using an Nvidia card

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Worked on my 55" LG LN5700. The weird thing is, I can eliminate the clouding if I rub the screen in a certain direction, and put the clouding right back if I rub it another way. Has anyone else experienced that? I've gotten it to the point where there is no clouding, but I had to tell my wife not to clean the screen or she is going to undo all of my hard work.

I was hoping I could get it to the point where even if I tried to "undo" the work, it wouldn't undo. But, as of right now, it's cloud-free, so I'm much happier.
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Last week I got a Samsung UN60F7100.  In less than three days, clouding/flashlighting/light bleed, whatever you want to call it is coming from all four corners.  It only appears to the eye during dark scenes and the worst when viewing at night with lights off in room....just terrible.  Tried the unscrewing thing, and the screen rub/tap...no effect whatsoever.  Purchased from amazon so I have until jan. 31, 2014 to return.  Samsung said to turn backlight down to 7 and in two weeks it should resolve.  I don't believe them.  My question is...what 60 inch brand/model of LED/LCD tv is considered having a better reputation of not having this problem or at least not having it this badly.  If, and probably when, I return this tv, I have no idea what to exchange it for.  The same model and just hope and pray I get a good one?  And yes, I have looked into plasma, specifically the Panasonic   st-C60S60...the one cnet raves about.  The only way I'd buy a plasma is from best buy whose extended warranty covers ir and burn-in.  I was going to buy the plasma at first but after reading about how you need to break it in for 100 hours, then you can't watch this or that for the next 200-300 hours and need to run screen wipes and pixel shifters after each use...!!!!  That's not what I buy a tv for.  Just seems unbelievable to me that for almost $2k, you can't get a product that works as intended.  This tv replaced an 11 year old sony wega 36" crt which never had a hiccup, still has a great picture.  I'd sincerely appreciate anyone' s comments or suggestions.  And for the folks who are experiencing the same problems I am, I feel your pain....this SUCKS!!!!              

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I was highly skeptical of this 'fix' when I first read about it, but surprisingly, it actually worked on reducing the clouding on my set by a large margin (Sony 70R550). Flashlighting is still noticeable, however... I'm going to try massaging the affected areas a little more to see if it further improves the screen uniformity.
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This worked like a charm on my 70" vizio LED. I did it on my own and when it worked I googled to see if it was a true fix and then found this post. Just do it very gently and step it up if needed. Don't listen to the haters on here this really works no bs.
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No haters here. Just cautious folks. It seems to be more prevalent on the larger panels (50"+) and is probably a mfr defect either related to the panel itself or how it is mounted in the in the frame. However, massaging and expensive tv panel to "fix" it is probably only a temporary fix for a lot of folks because the defect, what ever it is, is still there, only hidden now.
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Well if it's hidden, isn't it considered fixed?

Besides getting a perfectly uniform backlight is nearly impossible for any brand & for any size LCD/LED.
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^^^^ I suppose you could look at it that way smile.gif I meant to imply that by being hidden, it could probably come back sometime in the future and you'll have to mess with the panel again. Some have reported the "fix" lasting only a couple of weeks, others much longer.
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Originally Posted by srg914 View Post

Samsung said to turn backlight down to 7 and in two weeks it should resolve.  I don't believe them.               

Haha. What a joke. Manufacturer tech support lines are getting worse and worse.
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Originally Posted by elementtw1023 View Post

Haha. What a joke. Manufacturer tech support lines are getting worse and worse.

Agreed.  Exchanging for a Vizio M series 65 inch which amazon gave me for the same price as the Samsung 60 inch.  I might be going through a new a tv every month till I find a decent one.

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M series vizios are a good value but for a bit more you could get an LG or Sharp which IMO have better picture. But to each their own.
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You get what you pay for with a Vizio. Extended warranty's are a no brainer.
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Originally Posted by Otto Pylot View Post

You get what you pay for with a Vizio. Extended warranty's are a no brainer.

I'm only going to give my personal experience...I have no bias to any brand.  My only bias is to myself after spending $1600 on a supposedly higher brand tv, Samsung, and being very disappointed.  After having the set three days, there was extreme flashlighting in all four corners, making nighttime viewing of dark scenes unacceptable.  Samsung support advised to turn backlighting down to 7 and in two weeks the problem should resolve.  I have found that this is their stock answer to what I believe is a known problem.  After one week, the lighting issue actually became worse, and I began to notice light bleed from the right side and clouding in the bottom center of the screen.  I contacted Amazon for an exchange and planned to order the same model, hoping I would get lucky with another set as some others have.  However, they were out of stock on the Samsung, the 60 inch 7100, and offered me a Vizio M-series 65 inch at the same price.  Figuring I had nothing to lose and would exchange the Vizio if it had any issues I went ahead and ordered the Vizio.  After three days I can say that the Vizio show no signs of any lighting problems.  Although I would give the Samsung a very slight edge in overall picture quality, the Vizio gets a big edge in black color.  The blacks on the Vizio are deep, inky and consistent.  Also, the Samsung could not output 5.1 digital through the ARC connection, the Vizio can.  Although the Samsung was able to output 5.1 through the optical connection, I was not able to view Netflix content in 5.1 as the audio would cut out every 5-10 seconds.  The Vizio is able to output 5.1 from Netflix through ARC without any audio break up.  I automatically received a firmware update within an hour of having the Vizio which resolved its known remote control problem, needing to point the remote at the bottom left of the screen.  Now the remote works fine.  I had an audio issue at first and contacted Vizio and was pleasantly surprised when I was connected to an agent in South Dakota who successfully resolved my problem.  Extended warranties I agree are a no brainer with any brand, and I was very happy to find that after registering my tv on Vizio's website I was offered the SquareTrade five year extended warranty for $149 + tax, the same warranty Amazon is selling for $214 + tax.  I have until Jan. 31, 2014 to make another exchange if needed, but if the Vizio continues to perform as it is, I will keep it.  Did I get what I paid for with Samsung, no.  Did I get what I paid for with Vizio, yes.  IMHO, from all the posts and reviews, it seems that the LED edge lit technology has some basic flaws that you can encounter with any brand.  If the Vizio has any issues within the exchange period, I will have no problem in posting that, As I said, I have no stake in any brand as long as it performs as I expect.  I wish everyone good luck with whatever purchase they make, as it really seems it's a hit or miss proposition as to whether you'll get a good set or a clunker.  I appreciate any comments. 

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Fair enough. I've had Sony, RCA, LG, Samsung (my son's), and Vizio. My current tv is the LG. All have had minor issues which were easily, and quickly repaired. Except for the Vizio. And I actually had two. One I purchased and one that I won and donated to a women's shelter. The reason I donated the Vizio was because of the problems and b.s. that I received from Vizio support for the first set. I realize that there are many happy Vizio owners out there but it seems that unless you buy the highest end I just don't think the build quality is consistent like the other mfrs.
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I hear you...there are happy and unhappy owners of every brand it seems.  If my Vizio gives me any grief, I'm thinking of trying the LG la7400 60 inch next.  Just glad I bought from Amazon, they came and packed my Samsung when they delivered the Vizio, no charge.  And because the shippers came late, Amazon gave me a $50 refund.  So $1549 for a 65 inch, not a bad deal at all.

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LG makes fantastic televisions. And they are priced pretty low too compared to others. I had a very small spot of flash lighting on my LM5800 which was easily fixed. Other than that I've had no problems at all!
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