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I contemplating getting a Pioneer BDP51FD and Onkyo TX-506, at Vann's the total purchase is only $530. This will paired up on a Panasonic 46" Plasma, TH-46PZ85U from, $1,250 investment there. Use will be for TV and Movies mostly, some music, and we may move the Wii upstairs if we like it enough, but not likely. My plan was the 51FD can do most of the heavy lifting with audio decoding according to the spefications, and I don't need upscalling hence the 506. I haven't decided on speakers yet, but leaning towards the Energy AT6 set and adding two speakers for 7.1. I currently have the Panasonic SC-HT940 HTIB with the tv we are replacing. I am hoping to the the front speakers from this set with any 5.1 set I get to make it a 7.1 set. From the manual the front speaker stats are:

2 way, 3 speakr system
Impedance = 8 Ohm
1,2. are woofers, 2.5" cone type
3. Tweeter 2.375"
Input power (IEC) = 190W* (Max)
Output sound pressure = 85dB/W (1.0m)
Cross over frequency = 7kHz
Frequency range = 91Hz-30kHz(-16dB), 104Hz-25kHz (-10dB)

Is anybody able to tell if these should be compatable to use, or is there anything I should looking for compatablility with other speakers. I am trying to save as much money as I can. I would use other speakers out of the set, but all the others are 4 ohm impedance and don't think will work well.