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What should I buy?

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Hello. I'm looking to buy a new sound system and i dont have any idea on which receiver/amp i should buy. im not looking to spend more than 300-350$ and i thought one of the following would be a good decision: Onkyo TX-SR304, Onkyo TX-8555, Onkyo TX-8255. Those are all 3 receivers. Then i also have one possible option for an amp: Onkyo M-282. Tell me what you think would be my best decision because i dont know! Also if you dont think any of these would be a good decision tell me what would please.
PS- not looking to spend more than 350$
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Your question is almost impossible to answer.

First thing you need to do is figure out what your total budget will be for speakers/sub/receiver. (IE the whole system)

Are you wanting 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1 etc?
What are your room dimensions?
Is size of speakers / sub an issue?
What is the primary purpose of your system?

Once you have your total budget and have decided on what setup you want then take a 20-40% range of your budget. So lets say your total budget is 1000 bucks. Go to the receiver forum and ask questions like What is a good receiver in the 200-400 dollar range that does (The thing you need it to do).

Go to the speaker forum same thing... then the sub forum.

Figure out your different options. Price each of them out. Maybe find a good deal on a receive rand upgrade your sub a notch.. etc. Once you have put together the whole system ... buy it and enjoy.
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yeah, we need a lot more info. Two of the three you mentioned are just stereo receivers, the 304 is surround sound, but it is also an older model. $350 will give you a LOT of options, actually. So let us know what you want to do with it, what you have for speakers, etc...
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