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CAT6 Bulk cable in Canada

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I'm looking for a whole bunch of Cat 6 as I prepare to rewire my home during an upcoming reno.

Monoprice.com has incredible prices ($80/1000ft), but it would cost me $375 to ship 6 boxes! Firefold.com has a surplus sale on right now, $89/1000ft, and their shipping is a much more reasonable $210.

But as they're both US based, on top of these costs would be the duty/brokerage at the border. I'm not sure exactly what that would amount to, but based on experience with ebay, I doubt it'll be cheap.

I've looked at a few canadian based companies, but they have all been right out in left field, with prices ranging from $170-298 /1000ft. Even with the exchange, that's bad. I don't expect to find anything as cheap as monoprice, but I'm also not going to pay a 100% premium just to "buy Canadian".

Has anyone found a reasonably priced Canadian supplier?

Might I even be lucky enough to find something in South Western Ontario, that I can pickup? (I'm about an hour outside Toronto, wouldn't mind a road trip to save $80).


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Great question, I have been looking for the same thing. Cheapest I found was from blackboxcanada.ca (GigaTrue® 550 CAT6, 550-MHz Solid Bulk Cable, 23 AWG, 4-Pair,1000 ft for $140 CA). Looks like they have a couple of warehouses in Toronto

I'm just starting to learn about this stuff so I don't know if this type of wire will work for you/me.
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I too am from Southwestern Ontario. From you the discription you may be near the Kitchener Waterloo area. Have you tried K-W Surplus, try googling kwsurplus They typically have cable at a decent price, or if your nearer to London there is a Forest City Surplus google fcsurplus
Hope that help ou out.
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Thanks frodo.

That cable is exactly what i'm looking for - 550mhz solid is the stuff for in-wall installation.

Jim, I am in Kitchener and shop at KW Surplus all the time. I've bought 50ft cables there in the past ($10 vs $50+ at FutureShop), but haven't seen bulk boxes. I'll stop in there on my way home from work one day this week to take another look.

I've also found an electronics distributor called primespec ( primespec.com ) located in waterloo. Their website doesn't list pricing (even if you register, despite what they say) but i'm going to stop in there at some point this week and I'll post what I find out.

There's also a guy from Markham who has a store on ebay selling boxes for $130 CAD with reasonable shipping. He's unsure of any of the specs of the cable though. I've asked him to try and figure it out from his supplier, so we'll see what that turns up.

Thanks again, and I'll post an update once I've had a chance to do the leg work on these leads.

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