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HD DVD in laptop?

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I just ordered an HD DVD drive for my laptop, I own a huge collection of HD DVDs and figured this would be a convenient way to access them. How well do you think my laptop will run HD DVDs? I'm running a Turion TL-52, 3gb ram, 7200 rpm 200gb hard drive, and vista premium. Given that, I can easily allocate more ram to the video if needed, I'm using only a fraction of it as it is. I'm not looking to run anything more than the max resolution of this screen (1280x800) or perhaps 1280x1024 if I hook up to the projector. Think this will work?
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http://www.arcsoft.com/public/softwa...sp?ProductID=3 DVD/BD Guide

Try these to test your system. They should tell you your Drive is absent.
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Well the drive showed up today, quite quickly I might add. The software I plan on using is actually I believe to be an OEMed copy of the corel software through HP. I plan on using anydvd so I can feed through non complaint vga outputs if I wish to use the projector so I have more control over resolutions.

So far it runs fine it will run, fairly smoothly, regardless of the fact that I didn't shut anything off in the background before doing the test. I did enable virtualization in the BIOS which seemed to help. My only complaints are that HP's OEM software isn't exactly the greatest. I'm guessing that if I shut off windows sidebar and all the other stuff that doesn't really need to be running it would work fine.
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I think I've found the reason virtualization speeds it up, because vista runs the computer in that quasi non administrator mode by default. I find this to be interesting, and perhaps worth trying if anyone can enable/disable their hardware virtualization and is running vista.
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My Toshiba Qosmio HD-DVD laptop (AV-423) also runs Vista and so far it has played every HD-DVD I've thrown at it except two ("American Gangster" and "Smokin' Aces") using the included Toshiba HD-DVD playback software. I could have gone with an Acer or HP laptop (the one's that still had HD-DVD drives included) but felt it was safer to go with an official laptop from the company that made HD-DVD. Pleased as punch to have HD-DVD entertainment on the go, happy you are too with your laptop.
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I bought it mainly because of my large collection of HD DVDs. I only tried Breach and Backdraft while screwing around with it, and it worked for both, I tried other video card drivers but only the HP official drivers work for whatever reason, not hacked ones. I upgraded over several levels of HP's quickplay but still need a protection crack, I hate to go too far because I don't know if a later version eventually cancels the HD DVD support. Other than that it works fine as long as you close the other CPU intensive apps when you use it (mainly the sidebar).
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My Qosmio is vastly underpowered compared to your laptop and it still plays HD-DVD's fine. With over 120 HD-DVD's (and growing).
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I picked up acer ferrari 5000-5382 , built in software acer arcade deluxe which seems to go into windows player of some sort only played one hd-dvd once for about an hour and not since..acer tech support wont even acknowledge that it has an hd drive..useless
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^^^ That's I went with the Tosh-branded Qosmio (better chance of HD-DVD compatibility than with an Acer or HP model) although I doubt if it goes in the fritz Tosh tech support would be of any help besides 'reboot the computer with the included discs' advice. Hope you can get your Acer to play HD-DVD somehow (downloading a WinDVD program maybe?).
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i have a hd dvd player in my hp 14 inch
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Is there any dual format laptop drive available? Or maybe a slim line external drive? Thanks.
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Not for laptops. The only hybrid drive released was the too-thick-for-laptops LG GGC-H20L 16X Blu-ray/HD DVD drive for tower computers. Belive me, I looked and looked last June for a laptop that could play both HD-DVD and Blu-ray and couldn't find one. It's HD-DVD or Blu-ray laptop.
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