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Thin vertical lines cover screen on Samsung LCD - Page 2

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I have the same problem with a haier tv. I believe it is made by samsung or they make samsung components. I have 2 vertical red and green line on the right side of my tv every time i turn it on. after 5-10 minutes they go away. How do I get at this ribbon you mention. I have heard about the capacitor problems and there is a very good video on line on how to change them. Any help will be appreciated.
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We are having a somewhat different problem with our almost 3-year-old Samsung LCD. We often get vertical lines BUT the real problem is that the picture starts to flutter, as if you were watching TV with a strobe light going. We have tried plugging in the FIOS cable into all three of the inputs, and it does it less on one of them, but once it starts to pulse in and out, we have to turn it off for a while. We don't know if we should try to get it fixed or give up and start over with a different brand. Thanks for any input and/or advice in advance!
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I have the same issue, after turning on TV, I get picture with Vertical lines . After giving good tap, at the back of TV body, lines got cleared OUT.
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I have a 46" Samsung LCD TV. I recently got the video and control board replaced for a cheap price and overall it works fine. However I have thin horizontal white lines in the middle-top of my TV that flicker on off. My TV is way past warranty btw so no chance of that.

The weird thing is if I take the back of the TV off the lines are gone for good. But once I put the back on the lines come back after 10-15 minutes. So this leads me to believe that something is overheating or some wire is getting interference. Can someone point me in the right direction? I don't know where to look.
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I have the Samsung LED D8000 and I noticed the last couple of days that the audio has been acting strange, sometimes very delayed, others slightly ahead and the sound cuts out sometimes. Today, I turned it on and found thin, vertical lines that vary in color and have a pixelated look to them, starting from the left edge of the screen stretching in about an inch going from top to bottom. They are stationary and I have tried unplugging the TV, changing inputs etc. Not sure if it sounds like this timing and control fuse, tabs or ribbons? Any help greatly appreciated smile.gif
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quasi thread bump....

I've got a Samsung LNT4071f. I've had it for awhile now and pretty happy with it, but the last month or so the picture has been going out.

it started with the picture 'rising' up the screen so that it was almost split.... then it went on to horizontal lines, now its on to vertical and horizontal lines and happens more frequent and for longer periods of time.

I really don't have the money at the moment for a new tv, and saw some posts in here about opening it up and checking connections etc etc...

I also saw on amazon a repair kit containing capacitors, and sears had a listing for replacement parts (boards etc etc)

I haven't dug much deeper yet, was hoping for some feed back here as to what exactly I might need to fix, where to get it, how to fix it......?
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My problem looked similar to the pic's in the link but were much thinner lines and only on one side of the screen. Unlugging, messing with connectors did not help however I did have insurance so I took it into the dealer and they ordered a new panel, so started the longest month of my life. The first panel they received was warped and curved so I had to wait even longer for a new one, which did fix the problem but still, I gathered a new appreciation for my Sammy as I was using a small 32" vizio from 6 years ago during it's absence:eek:
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Damn, it works! I have this TV, had the lines, tapped the back twice & lines gone. Thanks

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