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MS Sidewinder x6 kb and X8 mouse 1st impressions

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Just got this combo and having mixed feelings as to if it was worth it. I been using the original Sidewinder mouse (the hunchback ) along with Gen 1 Logi G15 kb for a while. Decided to try the new Sidewinder x6 kb and x8 "Blue" mouse.

First the kb. It has nice heft and is very well built. The adjustable back lite is red and comes thru each of the keys and around them. A lot of programing macro's (not being used) and media keys (vol, play/pause, next/ prev/ mute). Main feature is the detachable key pad that can be positioned either on the left or right side. Held on by magnets...very strong mag's. The keypad has all the typical functions and can Also be set up to run macros' (which I do not use) and a quick calculator launch icon/button. I don't even have the pad attached since the kb with out the pad is very compact and I don't really have a need for the pad anyway. As with all MS kb, there is the quick windows launch button on the left. This can be disabled via SW (G15 was via HW on the kb). Also as with all MS kb, the keys are well spaced and precise and have a good tactile feel. Over all a very good keyboard. Only real issue I have with it is that it does not have a keyboard tilt/legs so it lies kind of flat with no possible adjustment. You either going to luv it or hate it. One thing, I do miss my LCD display on the Logi G15.

Now the new x8 "blue" mouse. "Blue" LED is suppose to track better according to MS, better focus (precision) then a RED LED and tracks better then laser on different surfaces. It does seem to work well on all surfaces, on surfaces that laser's don't work well on. It has a max DPI of 4000 and with three preset DPI buttons. Has a small LCD diaplay on the mouse like the original that shows DPI settings but added battery status and mode settings (?) display. A quick launch macro/360 turn button on top and a record macro button in front of the two upper/lower configured mouse buttons.The DPI increments are in fixed units and set up using the SW provide, just like the the other Sidewinder mouses. Side mounted bunk bed style buttons feels like plastic where the original were metal. Not as hunchbacked as the original Sidewinder and some may like it better. I am still trying to get the feel of it. Has a "Cylon" like red eye at the mid back that changes to amber when the mouse needs recharging. No red glow from bottom like the original. It runs at 2.4ghz and is recharged via a "puck" like receiver that is connected by USB to the PC. The charging is by a magnetic attachment that snaps on to the mouse. Extra feet comes with mouse and are inside the "puck" case/receiver/charger. Have not tested the battery life, but its reported to run about 30hrs. Over all a slight better feel then the original, less humped but thats all personal pref anyway. IT has no weight adjustmenst like the original. So you either like the weight or not, but for a wireless rechargable mosue the weight was not objectionble for me, but again its all a per pref anyway. Very quick and precise. But to my impressions the build quality does not seem as good as the original IMO.

Thats just a quickie overview of my new kb/m set up...will it replace my old one permently...only time will telll....but I do miss the G15 LCD Display...
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Hey Tink, I was wondering if you notice any type of lag or dropouts using a wireless mouse for gaming?

Last week I killed my wireless Microsoft 6000 laser mouse so I decided I would purchase a wired gaming mouse since everyone says that is the preferred type. I purchased a G5 a few days ago but I feel that it is not wide enough and my hand starts to feel uncomfortable after awhile of gaming.

I have not had any wireless mouse issues with my 6000 but I guess it gives me peace of mind if I use a wired mouse to eliminate any mouse lag.

I think I'll return the G5 this week and try the G9, but if that doesnt work out for me its gonna be another Microsoft 6000, I've always loved the feel of Microsoft mice as compared to any Logitech. (MX1000 feels great for regular use, hump is too high for me for gaming, this is used exclusively for my htpc)

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The Sidewinder X8 is the best wireless mouse I ever used. Fast, precise and no drops.

I been thru all the Logi G series mice (wore out many) including the G9 which I hated the most of the G series mouses. I like the G5 with weights the best of all the G mouses.The G9 interchangable sides/covers are so thin that if you grip the mouse too hard the side buttons can be activated...not cool in a game. The original Sidewinder I pref over the G9. But the new X8 Sidewinder is a joy to use, better feel and tracks a lot better. Too bad the workmanship is not as good as the original. I always been a wire mouse user for gaming. The X8 I think just converted me to wireless. I just like how it feel and reacts.

My current nest of gaming mouses

Top L to R

Logi G9, Saitek Cyborg with adjustable length (useless and too flat for me), Zalman FPSGun (POS)

Bottom L to R

MS Sidewinder original (nice but have to get use to the hump), X8 Sidewinder

a lot of mouses, couple of worn out G5, some Razor mouses (they are just too flat for me) and a lot of old MS mouses wired and wireless and even some ball mouses.

one of the most usefull old mouse that I use a lot when building or upgrading systems is a PS2 MS ball mouse...works everytime when USB don't all the time. Same for the PS2 KB's I keep around.

Also a lot of MX Revolution Logi mouses with the HTPC systems.

BTW if you were wondering about the widths. L-R Sidewinder, G9 and G5

ADD: Note the worned out G5 paint at the back...the feet are totally gone like the other one...RATPADZ GS mouse pad surface just ate them up.
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I was looking to get the Sidewinder X6, it was $45 or something like that in Amazon a couple of weeks ago. Then when I was ready it went up to $64!
Right now is at $55, so I'm waiting for a future price drop...

Right now I have a DeathAdder mouse from Razer, and so far so good. Got it for $30 in a sale.
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With my local connection that supplies me with some of my HW fixes, I got the X6 KB for $65cdn and the X8 mouse for $65cdn (~$1.30cdn = $1.00us)...It's nice to have a local HW pusher as an acquatence... .
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Wow Tinker! , you sure are the connoisseur of computer mice, pretty impressive collection you have there.

Well anyway I just purchased a G9 since the Egg is offering a $25 mail in rebate. If that doesnt work out then maybe I'll purchase an X8 cause it appears to have that sleek streamlined look similiar to my 6000. I've also played with the DeathAdder at my local Best Buy and liked it, so that may be an option for a backup mouse.

I also picked up a Ideazon Merc Stealth keyboard last week and have no complaints yet. I've used the Ideazon Fang gamepad but did not like the placement of the jump button so the Merc is just a Fang/Keyboard combination. Recommended if your a FPS gamer and the learning curve is minimal. Looks pretty too, Red,Blue or Purple illumination and 3 different brightness levels.

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Another month and it seems to be another mouse for me. Well just got the OCZ Behemoth gaming mouse. Its a large mouse (which I tend to prefer for gaming). Its inexpensive ($29 cdn) with good specs. Has four user selected DPI settings that range from 100-3200 and user define USB polling settings. Weight adjustments and on board memory. Right hand only fit. Dual sensors for more accuracy (???) its claimed.

Over all I still prefer the original Sidewinder mouse for build quality and feel. I just like (or gotten use to) the hump under my palm for gaming. Just feels very comfortable for me. I even prefer the original Sidewinder over the newer X8 version. Also I am so use to having the vertical side mouse buttons now that I find trying to use the horizontal ones are a real chore.

Bottom line the OCZ Behemoth is a very affordable mouse for what it provides...excellent specs and features, and if you like a large mouse then give this a try.
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I just picked up the X8 myself for a rather cheap $70 (because my Logitech's G5 scrollwheel died) and I rather like it. It has a nice weight and it seems fairly responsive even though it's wireless. The only thing that pisses me off is mine arrived with a dead NiMH battery, but it's not a major thing as they are cheap enough at the local WalMart (and I have a ton of Rayovac AA's Alkaline I picked up at BJ's for virtually nothing).
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