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Is this a good space for audio?

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I'm in the market for my first house and having an good place for good audio is one of my top priorities. In my area $400K doesn't get you very far so most places I've seen (and I've seen plenty) simply don't have a lot of space for an ideal setup. (And, haha, moving is not an option.)

I found one property that had a great finished basement that I think will be pretty good, but I wanted to get some other opinions.

I pulled up Google sketchup to do a quick mockup:

Oriented as above, the space is about 19' wide and 24' front to back. The support post lies approximately in the center of the room. On the left are stairs coming down.

Here's a picture roughly from the top left corner of the room (ignore the lady at the open house):

The ceilings are probably about 7' tall and a little shorter in some areas for vents, support beams, etc. The flooring is carpet...probably berber but I can't quite recall.

I plan to definitely add some sound treatments to get the most out of it, but I wanted to check that this would be a pretty decent starting point.
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Having a wall at the right front and no wall at the left front is not a good plan. Speakers are greatly influenced by their nearby walls, and your front soundstage is likely to be very skewed. Left/right symmetry is what you need, particularly towards the front.

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Thanks for your input. It's possible that I might be able to go in and turn the setup 180° and have it face the south wall. I'll have to go back and figure out if there is enough space between the post and that wall...
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For what it's worth, that support can be relocated if it helps the furniture layout, although you'd wind up with two instead of the one. Or, it could be sandwiched with additional members to completely eliminate the post. It would take some work, but would definitely aid in you getting what you'd like. You could also build a wall along the right side of the stair as it comes down to the lower level, and use a pocket door at the landing to enter the room area. The wall could be partially glass to keep an open feeling, but that would need to be tempered glass or laminated safety glass to meet Codes. It would also help with sound transmission to the upper levels if that's a concern.
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