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had an issue with my pace tahoe box where it would show 5 seconds of a program/movie then go blank with no audio. the pvr was reformatted by my cable company and it worked again, but for only 3 days and the same thing started happening. A reset signal was sent down but all that did was hang the box until I pulled the power 24 hrs after resetting. I went into the diag screen and noticed the hdd was showing a high read/write error count. I replaced the drive myself (box is out of warranty) and it was detected fine but after downloading all the guide information the tv will only display the guide itself and a caption saying "this channel will be available shortly". I'm assuming the display settings should be fine with the box and tv as the guide info shows up fine, but I still have a blank picture and no audio. anyone seen this? is the pvr fully hosed? As an aside, do most cable companies lock out other pvr's other than the ones they sell?
any help is most appreciated.