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saguratus, are you still working on this firmware?
I would love to be able to update my 52" if available.
I've been following this thread for a while and appreciate your hard work on this.
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JVC TVs seem to run a variant of Linux too, firmware mentions Trident too.

In fact, the files in the JVC firmware look almost identical to the ones you've posted...

Any chance of a firmware? I've uploaded the firmware for the LT-52X579.
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Anybody have an update on this? I have a H240S that looks like the image posted above (with the blue/green issue, as well as a white/pink issue). Would love some places to look to correct these things. Or at least more information on the toolchain used to compile the firmware - Im pretty good with Linux and Cramfs...
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@geekspeed, after more investigation we found that the blue/green and white/pink issues are actually related to the oxidization forming on the ribbon connectors that run between the processor board and the LCD controller board.

Take a read through the thread below, and give LarryK420's fix a try:


Good luck!

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ok so WHERE do you download the firmware????
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Can anyone assist me in finding the firmware download for the TX-52F480S created by saguratus at the beginning of this post?

Thank you
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hey I have an LCD Westinghouse VR-4085DF 40" with a USB hole in the back, I was wondering if the firmware will work on mine...
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Consider this another request for a VR-4085DF firmware!
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To all who read this message, there is a new FW released for the VR-4085DF that will fix the remote issue, you can call 1-800-701-0680 or you can email me at westytech@westinghousedigital.com to obtain the FW. Please make sure to include your model #, serial #, and TW # located on the back of the TV along with a request for new FW.
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Does anyone have this custom firmware saved on a server somewhere we can download, or has this project pretty much been scrapped? Desperately trying to find a way to get this TV to work with hdmi connection to my computer's video card. All I get is black flickering, it works fine with xbox, ps3 and hd box. Not sure what the deal is.
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The link on this site, to get to your Westinghouse firmware project, returns "bidden 401 server" response (http://saguratus.com/nick/westinghouse_vew/upload)?

I have a TX-42F430S with firmware version 1.2 dated :Sept 7, 2007. I am experiencing the HDMI and not able to connect to all four inputs. I read your thread on the VeW Project (on this site), and saw that someone has up loaded firmware version 1.4 for this model.

Is the firmware update available, that fixes the HDMI issues, and where can I find it? If it is not available, can you yell me where, I can get the version 1.4 firmware, seems there is no download available for firmware from Westinghouse's legacy products website?

Your help is greatly appreciated,
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