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Passthrough is good or bad? I am still confused.

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Sorry for being a noob, but I have been doing research on HTiB's and I am still a little confused.

This passthrough thing I keep reading about. If I get a system that does not have passthrough that means I will only need the HDMI cable to carry both the audio and video signal correct? If I get one that does have passthrough that means that I will have to have a seperate cable for the audio or video? Or is it just a degradation of quality due to passthough?

What I want is a system that I can use with an HDTV+Cable Box+PS3, and only have to use 1 hdmi cable for each item. If you can recommend a good system for this I would appreciate it. I am looking at systems that run from $200-$700 range.

If I don't get any responses, I understand why.. but I would appreciate a little guidance if you have any to give.
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i dont own an hdmi receiver but what i understand is passthrough means receiver has hdmi for video only, no audio. you would need to use optical or coaxial for audio from player to receiver.

if the system does not do passthrough it can mean the receiver does not have hdmi connection at all. so no video through receiver. you would use hdmi or component cable from player to tv and use optical or coaxial from player to receiver.


it can mean it does not do passthrough but DOES both video and audio through hdmi which is the best.

hopefully someone else can chime in but thats what i understand from all the reading ive been doing. I am looking to get the Harmon Kardan 254 which does both video and audio via hdmi cable.

since youre looking for an htib ive also been looking a the sony HT7200DH which does both video and audio via hdmi cable. i am also looking at just getting that instead of buying separate speakers and receiver.

its $449 total but if you wait for amazon to lower the price or look around you could probably get it cheaper.

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That definitely helps. Really, all I want to know is which HTIB I can get that will be easy to setup.. meaning, I don't have to take my TV off the wall to hook it up . I will definitely look into that sony 7200.

Also, would I be able to piece together a decent system for five or six hundred bucks buy purchasing a reciever and speakers seperately? Or is that a lost cause?
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lets see what the experts say. im still learning myself.

what im looking at myself (after a ton of reading) is the harman kardon 254 receiver with energy act6 speaker system. that setup gets recommended a lot here.

the 254 is usually less than $400 on amazon but today they spiked it up to $500. should go down soon.
the energy act6 speaker set goes for tops $220 on ebay.
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I just went and picked up the Polk Audio RM6750 speaker set at Best Buy for 179.99. According to everything I have read so far, that is a KILLER deal. Not the best speakers out there, but most reviews from users say the set is very good. The sub is apparently a little weak, but that can be replaced. I am about to go hook them up to my Yamaha RX-V463 reciever to see what they sound like in my game room. These speakers will end up in my living room, I will still need a good reciever for less than $400 that will allow me to send the Audio and Video signals to the tv with only an HDMI cable. That means no passthrough right? Is the RX-V463 that I have ccapabable of that? I dunno if it is because I don't have HD in there...
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I'm not understanding...do you need another receiver for another room or are you replacing the Yamaha RX-V463 with a different receiver?
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I need another one for another room.

I bought the Polk RM6750's for my living room... which needs a recieveer... I am currently hooking up the RM6750's in my game room with the Yamaha reciver, just to see how they sound.
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Sub $400 receiver suggestions are pretty much covered in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...&highlight=400
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