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Denon 2807 with Tivo 3, Now no sound

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My 2807 is connected to the Tivo Series 3 HD via HDMI. It has always worked perfectly. My son pushed some buttons on the receiver and now I only get sound when the display shows "5 Channel Stereo". When Dolby Digital is displayed, I have no sound.

I don't like the 5 Channel Stereo mode because the dialog comes out the rear speakers.

What has changed and how do I get back my correct sound?
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Make sure INPUT MODE and DECODE MODE are set to "auto". He may have pressed the "Input Mode" button on the receiver.

Do your other sources work normally with audio still?
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I see "input mode" and toggled it to Auto. However, I cannot find anything that says "decode mode". Can you clarify this?

Sorry to be so dense!
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actually I just realized that the 2807 doesn't have a "decode mode" button, they added that in '08

We will hone in on this... are you sure he pressed a button on the RECEIVER itself? Or was it the remote? And are sure he didn't press something on the TIVO?

One obvious thing to check is the A/B speaker switch.

Are all of your other sources working normally?
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I think it was just on the front. However, the remote is on the table and that could have been touched too.

Here's the odd thing: While watching some shows, the audio seems fine during the program. Then it will go off during a commercial (some) and all you can hear is the sub. Then the audio pops back when the actual program comes back. Some commercials will have audio. When I change channels, some of the programs will not have sound either.


Currently, the audio is coming through fine while watching the local mid-day news. No drop offs during commercials either.
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My thought is you should answer the question I've asked twice

Are all of your other sources working normally?

Have you checked the A/B speaker switch?
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We have a Playstation 3 hooked up by HDMI. It doesn't have sound on the games either unless I push buttons on the front panel to make it show 5 channel stereo. But with that, all the audio comes out all the speakers with no processing (at least that's how it sounds to me)

It's not the A/B switch since some programming has sound. It's very strange.
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OK, your next assignment since you say it works fine with some material:

Find the pattern.

when the audio is working fine on a TV show or commercial, look at the display and see what signal you are receiving (i.e. 2.0 Dolby Digital, 5.1 Dolby Digital, etc). Not necessarily what SURROUND MODE you are in but what the INPUT SIGNAL is.

It's very difficult to diagnose from afar (now that the usual suspects like A/B speakers or INPUT MODE have been tested) unless you can start providing some very specific details as to when it happens and what input signal you are receiving when it does.

If you can't figure this out, here is my suggestion: next time you have a spare 30 minutes one day when the house is empty, you may just want to do a microprocessor reset so you are starting from scratch at factory default settings, and just re-run Audyssey MultEQ and it should work again.
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OK, we're playing back a DVR recording of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that was recorded in HD. The front panel shows "5 Channel Stereo". I pushed input mode until it shows Auto. I then pushed the surround mode button and it changed to Dolby Digital. When that happened, I only have very low sound coming from the left front speaker only and (I think) the sub. Nothing anywhere else.
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You are talking about the "STANDARD" button right? That should put it in "default" mode.

So when you do that, it says "DOLBY DIGITAL" on the front right? And there are 5.1 (six) boxes lit up on the left side of the display indicating a 5.1 input source?

That is bizarre behavior, you may just want to reset the microprocessor.
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Yes I push "standard" and see the Dolby Digital appear.

It has "DIG" in a box. Below that is LFE, and the five speakers.
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I found one issue. I went to the test tone menu and I have no sound coming from the front right speaker at all. All the other tones are fine.

Could this be an amp that has gone bad?
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swap the front speakers -- if the lack of sound "follows" the speaker it's a bad speaker, if the lack of sound sticks to that channel it's the amp.

before you call it quits, reset the microprocessor.
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I'll test it. How do I reset back to default?
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