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...but what about us Condo folks? Infinity v Infinity

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...So what about us Condo folks? I don't want to commit an AVS faux pas, but I value the quality of sound at "neighbor friendly" levels a great deal (as the neighbor isn't that friendly), and the size of the speakers, as SWMBO wanted the ORB set, but I called them "out of budget" unless they are that much better at their size than other units at the volume level I'm looking for.

This system will play 60% HT 40% Music. Budget for the speakers w/ sub is $700 all-in; max stretch to $1,000, but only if its needed to have good, clear, sound at my lower volumes in a small package. The room is roughly 10x14. Driving the bus will be the HK-247 based on the info (and pricing) around here.

So.. I am thinking TSS 1200 based on reviews, and the incredible pricing on ebay for new sets. That is as physically large as I can go. As I am not (?) pushing them at all, so should I get the 750, or even the 500? I do not want to pay for "better" speakers unless they are better at the volume level I am going to use them at, or will be longer lasting.

I have two sets of Polk 6800... I love them in one room for general viewing and music, and do not like them in the other for HT. (For reference to my current setup.)

So... good sounding smaller speakers at "normal" volumes... easy or hard to do? And have I picked well? That is the question. ...I was a member here starting back in 2005, but it seems lurking too much (and never logging in) has killed my former account (or I just lurked so long I forgot it.. sigh).

Good to see the environment is still top quality.
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Have a look and listen to the Mirage Nanosat, they do small speakers well and they’d probably suit your small space.

They disperse a large soundfield that envelops the entire room and this actually makes 2 channel music sound pleasant through all speakers, at least in my opinion. Other small speakers are kind of annoying with music after a while. You can still localize sound from each speaker in HT pretty good and there isn’t a bad seat in the room. They’re a good lifestyle speaker.

There are lots of positive reviews online if you search.
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Oh sure, introduce a new option.
Even for the CC? That seems like a great music set, but not a good idea (at least for the CC) for HT. They do look nice in all black.
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Look into DefTech ProCinema 600.
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Originally Posted by rick240 View Post

Look into DefTech ProCinema 600.

...those look like they'd do the job, but are close enough in price to the ORB set, that, well, I'd rather get the Infinity set (or the Mirage if the CC isn't the issue I'd think it is, or if there is a good matching CC to use with them) to save money IF they'll do the job. At $800 or higher I'd rather buy the ORB unless there is a reason not too.

Again, I'm hoping for feedback if the Infinity TSS 1200 set is good at low volumes, if there is a better, small "$500ish" set (That comes in black.. sorry Energy) or if I need to "step up" to insure clear dialogue in films. Unless you tell me you're saying "This set will do a better job than the Infinitys at that volume/pricing" I don't know if you're just giving me another option, or a BETTER option.

Thank you guys. Sorting out the 12,324,367 options down to just a couple is kinda trying me.
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Originally Posted by sharpester View Post

.I don't know if you're just giving me another option, or a BETTER option.

Just giving you a "small" option that I have heard and believe sounds good.

As with all speaker threads, suggestions can only provide a list from which you should audition and choose something that sounds good to you.

BETTER to me may not be to you...
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