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I thought I would share this neat little method for using the PCH to wow your friends and family for a movie night.

First make a directory somewhere your PCH has access to. I called mine MovieNight. In this directory load in the trailers that you have (I download the HD trailers from Apple). Then use your favorite program to rip your DVD into an ISO. For this to work you want to select only the main movie when making the ISO. I use AnyDVD and DVD Shrink for this. After I have the movie only ISO I use a program called makeMKV on the movie only ISO. This wraps the ISO/DVD inside of a mkv container. This step only takes about 8-10 min on my old single P4 system.

You need the mkv step so you can place your movie ISO inside a playlist. Using this method I can place the movie in a playlist that contains trailers, custom movie intro, and the main movie. Once I browse to the directory with all the files you just have to press play on the first file and the PCH will step through all the files (I rename the files 1_filename.XXX so they play in the order I want). I have even setup a hidden remote code using some of the index.htm programs so I just press 555 on the remote (passing the play command too) and the PCH just starts playing through the trailers, intros, and movie without me having to do anything. This really wows the people watching it!

The files in my MovieNight directory look something like this:

I used Handbrake to make avi files from the custom intro DVD I had made. They were short files so it was easier to Handbrake them than go through the whole ISO -> mkv process.

Have fun!