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My first day of home theater  

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Today I hooked my DILA G-15 to my new Stewart Greyhawk microperforated screen. I use an AVS forum HTPC to scale my DVDs.

For the first 2 movies, Gladiator and Pearl Harbor, the picture quality was gorgeous.

Then I played Toy Story 2 and noticed a "pattern" of the microperforations everywhere. I can't see the actual holes beyond 8 feet or so.

When I went back to the other movies, I noticed the same "pattern" of the holes in the sky and in light scenes. I don't think that this is the moire or shimmer effect that people with Sony projectors see.

The dark scenes all looked great.

Am I being too picky/anal already (my first day) and is this normal for these screens? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance
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I forgot to mention; the screen is 111 inches wide and the projector was calibrated by Cliff.
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The pattern that I see is alternating vertical light and dark columns of dots about a half inch to an inch or so wide. Anyone else have this? Defect or normal?
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curious about this as well... in the market for a screen.

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I don't own either a digital projector or a microperf screen but I have seen some references on this forum to an interaction between the perforations and the unfilled areas between pixels on digital projectors. I don't know if this is what you are seeing but it would be similar to moire from a combination of the two different grid patterns during motion.
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I've seen a similar thing with my VT540 and a cheap roll-up screen (the kind that you'd use with a slide projector in the olden days). The screen had a fine grid texture to it, and I believe that it was an interation between the pixel grid of the pj and the grid of the screen.

It was most noticeable when viewed off axis.
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