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HDMI problems with Asus M3N78-EM HTPC & Sony STRDG820 receiver

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Hi all. I just built a new HTPC and am having some technical issues with the system. First, here's the system basics:

PC: HTPC with ASUS M3N78-EM mobo (with HDMI out);
Receiver: The HDMI out from the mobo runs audio and video to a Sony STRDG820 7.1 receiver;
Display: The HDMI out on the receiver then runs video to a Sharp LC-52D64U HDTV.

I'm having two problems which I do not think are exclusively related, but which I'd like to solve. I've spent hours fiddling with every setting I can find, but haven't been able to cure the problems:

1. The first problem is that when I play some movies/videos, the receiver seems unsure of the audio signal and quickly switches every 30-50 seconds between Dolby and Linear PCM. When it makes this switch the audio and video both 'flicker' for 2-3 seconds. This is an interesting problem because it does not happen all the time. For example, when I play Lord of the Rings directly from the DVD the movie plays _flawlessly_ with absolutely no problems and remains on LPCM all the way. When I play Batman Begins from DVD, or when I play Netflix Instant view, the problem surfaces.

2. The second, less annoying but still unfortunate, problem happens when the receiver is left on and the HTPC goes into standby. When I resume the HTPC the receiver does not recognize the HDMI signal ("HDMI" does not illuminate on the receiver's display) and the receiver does not relay a video signal to the HDTV.

I have installed all of the latest drivers for the mobo, chipset, etc., including NVIDIA HDMI Audio Driver.

I personally think that the problem is with the receiver's processing of the HDMI signal from the HTPC. I don't think there is anything wrong with the HTPC, but I may be assuming too much.

Any help from you guys would be appreciated.

Let me know if you need more tech specs.

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Also, the problem with flickering occurs when I play regular DVDs, not necessarily Blu-ray only.

Any idea, guys?
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Ill try over on the GeForce 8200 thread.
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Did you ever find a solution? I have the exact same mobo and receiver, but my problem is that if I have everything up and running, then turn the TV off and back on, I get no video. It's driving me crazy!
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Same board, same problem. I HDMI directly to my LG HDTV but experience the same issue when waking from standby. Did you guys find a solution yet?
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You guys using Media Center? Got "Optimization" enabled? That could be the problem. Seems to be what was causing my issues. "Optimization soft reboots eHome (Media Center) processes and screws up the standby/resume functions of the board it seems. Loads people have had this issue. Will report back - need to do further testing.
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No, I have never figured anything out. I'm using MediaPortal on XP, but I also used Mythbuntu in linux and had the same issue, so it's not Media Center related at all.
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I have the same mobo connected to a monitor (VGA) and projector (onboard HDMI) with CCC 9.7. No problem.
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Originally Posted by aminoacid View Post

I have the same mobo connected to a monitor (VGA) and projector (onboard HDMI) with CCC 9.7. No problem.

We are talking about having a receiver between the mobo and the TV. Entirely different.
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I'm on Nvidia 190.07 and Nvidia hdmi .59

it's 191.07
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I have heard a lot of people that upgrade the driver higher w/out fixing the problem and introducing other issues, so I am skeptical of that approach...
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What? Upgrading can fix problems. Read driver release notes.
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Turns out it wasn't the Media Center optimization as the problem existed this morning again. This time it was different - the machine hadn't gone into Standby and looked and sounded as though it was fully running but would not "wake" and send an hdmi signal out. Another very concerning problem with this issue was I have been assuming thats its just the display drivers not responding but I can't remote desktop into my computer when this problem occurs either. This suggests that there may have been an o/s crash? Need to do proper testing this weekend. Annoyingly if I try and recreate the problem by putting the machine into standby manually and turning off the display then waking it all up again it all works fine - as soon as its unattended it seems to happen....maybe something to do with Windows "away mode"? Then again if its happening under Myth TV (Linux I think?) then surely this is a motherboard problem...if so its gotta be a bios setting. Arghhh computers.

Also had a worrying moment yesterday when having hard reset the computer and tried to turn it back on it would power up for 3 seconds and then simply shut itself down....I unplugged the main power cable for a while then put it back in and everything was fine. Starting to become increasingly concerned that despite the graphical performance of this board - its a buggy one. But I digress. Is there any other threads I should be ploughing through/keeping an eye on about this board/chipset?
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Done some more reading this morning and found some interesting references to the Pinnacle 7010ix tv tuner pci-e card that I use in my system. Seems it doesn't much like jumping in and out of suspend/standby - maybe thats my problem....

Regardless of this I have trawled alot of places trying to find more information for this but I personally think its gonna take writing a Devcon script to run when the computer wakes up. This could be written to restart the Nvidia video drivers....I think....I hope. Again this is looking like a weekend project to me.

Just so close to getting my HTPC to run the way I want it.
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