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Sceptre 32" LCD TV speaker problem - with solution

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So I originally joined this forum looking for a solution. Didn't find one, but figured out a solution, so I figured I would post my experience. Hope it helps someone out!

The problem: I own a Sceptre Komodo 32" LCD TV (Part number: X32GV-Komodo) that I bought in July 2007. The TV worked great until last week, when the right speaker started making this annoying "staticky" sound. So, I just went into the TV menu and shifted the balance all the way to the left speaker. Having only one operational speaker does not sound very good, but since the TV is no longer under warranty (and I didn't buy the extended warranty), it's better than buying a new TV! It seemed fine for about a day, at which point the right speaker started making this horrendous beeping noise. This noise would just come on while I was watching TV. Sometimes the beeping noise would last 5 seconds, and other times it would last more than a minute. REALLY ANNOYING. The weird thing was that it would beep like that even if I muted the television. The only way to keep it from beeping was to turn the TV off. Not exactly the best way to watch your favorite shows! So, I started planning to just replace the TV. Meanwhile, the left speaker and the picture screen were working fine.

The Solution: I figured I would at least try to remove that speaker before dropping $500 on a new TV. Didn't really have much to lose anyway. I took the back panel off the TV by removing about 20 Philips head screws. The speaker was in clear site with two wires soldered to it. I cut the two wires, and unscrewed the four screws holding the speaker in place and removed the speaker. When cutting the wires, I cut them at the point closest to the speaker. That way I will have plenty of wire length if I want to solder them on to a new speaker. I took some electrical tape and covered the ends of the two exposed wires to avoid any possibility of sparking. I put the four screws that hold the speaker in place back in the screw holes (just so I didn't lose them). Then I screwed the back panel back on and reconnected all the inputs. The TV works fine now with no right speaker. Sound quality is obviously not the same, but I am no audiophile so I would rather save the money. No more beeping or static noises and all is well. The $500 is now back in my pocket.

One thing I forgot to do: make a note as to which color wire (red or black) connects to which lead on the speaker BEFORE cutting them! I don't know if it matters, but if I replace the speaker, I wish I didn't have to just hope I get it right!

This solution required a Philips screw driver, wire cutter, and about 30 minutes of my time. Most of the time was spent unhooking and re-hooking the inputs, and unscrewing the back panel. If I end up replacing the speaker, I will also need a soldering iron and some solder.

Overall, I have been pretty pleased with the Sceptre until now. It was only $500 two years ago, when most 32" LCD's were at least $650. I have emailed Sceptre to see how much a replacement speaker will cost me. I would hope that they would just send me one for free even though it's not under warranty simply because it obviously was a defective speaker, but we'll see. I will gladly pay shipping.

I hope this was helpful. If you have an out-of-warranty Sceptre with speaker issues, try this before buying a new one, or shipping the TV to Sceptre for repairs! (which will probably cost more than half of a new TV!) I will update this thread when I figure out what's up with the replacement speaker from Sceptre.
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A defective speaker is not going to make a sound with the channel muted.
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Yup - you're right about that. I emailed Sceptre's customer support and they responded that my problem is most likely caused by a bad controller card. He said the only way I can be sure is to connect the bad speaker to the other controller card and see what happens. The wire connections to the speakers are soldered, not snap-in, so I'm not going to spend the time and energy. As adone stated, it's probably not the speaker considering the symptoms.

Sceptre customer support stated that the replacement speaker is about $20, and the replacement controller is about $250. Needless to say, I am not about to spend $250 to get my right speaker back. Oh well, I guess I am going to have to live with just one speaker until it's time to get another TV.

Although the Sceptre has been decent, the fact that it had a major component crap out in only 20 months means I will never buy one again, and I can't recommend them to anyone else. And of course, the warranty is only 12 months.
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Did you buy it with a "premium" credit card?? They might double the warranty. I would get the service manual for the TV. You could get the bad part number and find the card dramatically cheaper. If the problem is just in the audio amp, it may be possible that the fixed audio out (if the TV has one.) in unaffected. If so, you could feed this into your home sound system or buy one of those cheap ipod type sound boosters.
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That's some excellent advice adone. Thanks.

I think I used a Discover Card, which probably does not offer a warranty extension, but it's certainly worth checking!

Good idea on finding the part number and getting a new card from another supplier. I hadn't thought about that.

My TV does have aux audio outputs, so I may consider plugging in a stereo. My wife (the interior decorator of the house!) doesn't want any more junk on the top of our dresser where the TV is, so I am going to hold off on this for now. If the above two solutions don't work and the sound quality really bugs me, this can be a cheap option.
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I have a 42" Komodo that I brought in March of 07. Since Dec or so, it has this static sound coming out of speaker from time to time. Seems to be worst when temperature is cold and when tv first turned on. Sometime after changing channels or turn it on and off would make it better. I didn't check to see whether it came from 1 speaker or both. I called Costco, they say it might be due to static build up. Told me to unplug the tv then push the power button for 2 min to discharge the static. That seem resolve the problem this time.
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