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projector and screen recomendation for 18 foot long 20 foot wide room.

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Hi All,

I know there is a separate screen forum but I thought it would make sence to ask these questions together.

I am looking to spend about or less then $1500 in total. It seems this limits me to 720p projectors. I would like a motorized screen but if the difference in cost will get me a much nicer projector then I might be willing to go that way. I am also willing to wait of there is a new lineup of projectors about to come out in the next couple months.

I would also like to put my center channel behind the display.

----Screen size-----
I have an 18 foot long 20 foot wide and 9 foot tall room that I want to get a projector and screen for. I have a 2 year old and in order to put the bottom of the screen out of reach it has to be 4 feet above the floor.

Assuming the top of the screen starts at about 1 foot below th sealing this means the screen can be about 4 feet tall. Therefore for a 16x9 the diagonal should be ~98-100 inches.

----Room Lighting-----
The room is on the North side of the house so we don't get that much direct sun light but there are a fair number of windows which let in a good bit of sunlight. It is about the equivalent of a well lit room during the brightest point of the day but darker then a well lit kitchen. I hope that gives a good metric. Because we have kids most serious movie watching will be at night though there may be some casual video game playing in the afternoon if we have friends over. We plan to get a ~30" secondary display for more casual viewing so this screen will mainly be for movies and 4 player Mario Kart.
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I won't get into specifics, but I thought you'd want to know I have almost the exact same setup as you're proposing, so here's some tips to make sure you're headed in the right direction.
1) You're definitely looking @720p in that price range (I have an Optoma HD65)
2) If you mount the screen to the ceiling (I have a Da-Lite High motorized screen--but that may blow your budget), you should be able to put your center channel speaker(s) BELOW it. This will save big $$ on the screen and still sound great (even for TV watching)
3) Get a "high contrast/grey" screen if you get DLP (enhances black levels)
3) The screen drops down to cover my 32" HDTV CRT (for movies)
4) Get blackout shades/blinds for the windows (you'll need it no matter how bright your projector is).

I've attached a couple of pics to give you an idea of how my HDTV/screen/speakers setup looks. Good luck.
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Anything more than a basic screen will be hard to find since you want motorized. grey white or high power really is a personal preference for blacks vs brightness.

This is one option for a white screen for $300

Here is an ebay option for $185

If you go with the cheaper screen you could go for this Epson 1080 Deal.

Oherwise, with those tall ceilings, I would get a panasonic ax200 because it has lens shift.
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Wow that looks like a really good deal on that Epson. Just hit the buy button. Now all that is left is the screen. Any recommendations. I think that epson deal was good enough I would not feel bad spending $500 on a screen though I would like to keep it under that.

I am willing to trade a little bit of contrast for some extra brightens if it means the room doesn't have to be pitch black to watch a movie.

I am willing to go with a manual screen if it gets me a much better picture. My reason for going with a motorized screen was to avoid damaging the screen by handling. I have noticed that motorized screens always look like they are in better shape then manual screens. Of course I would still like motorized.
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A dalite high power screen will give you the most brightness. The problem with that screen is the projector needs to be mounted as close to eye level as possible to get the most gain. Also, the viewing cone is narrower. There are lot of good deals on cheap manual screens. If you can try out some black out cloth first you will have an idea of how a white screen with @1.0 gain will look.

The Epson 1080 is a very bright projector in the brightest modes. The brightest modes aren't the most accurate, color wise, but for Mario Kart I'm sure it will work well.
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I noticed some eletric screens are tensioned. Does that make a big difference.

I saw this one a HT Depot for 530 it is tensioned and white matt with 1.4 gain

I also saw this one at monoprice for $225 it is white matt with gain of 1.0 but not tentioned.

It looked like most 100" screens are electric or fixed and AT screens are really expensive. Maybe I am not looking in the right spot. Because we just moved our internet access is really limited so I dont have much time to spend shopping.

What alternate solutions to having a center channel are there besides AT. Because of my gas fireplace mantle I dont have room for a center channel below the screen. I have heard of mounting the center channel on the ceiling so it reflects offf the screen. Do any of you know how well that works?
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