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Blockbuster will try to cut costs for at least the early part of this year, in part by buying fewer DVDs from the studios, as the largest U.S. movie-rental chain looks to reduce its debt by about $100 million to comply with a new refinancing agreement that extends a line of credit more than a year past its August due date.


He added that, while digital delivery was "still a relatively a small market," Blockbuster planned to make its video-on-demand service available through wider range of electronics components this year. Blockbuster late last year started selling a set-top box that plays digital downloads from directly on consumers' TV sets after integrating what had been known as its Movielink digital download service into Blockbuster's Web site in July.

In January, the company agreed to join with online movie service CinemaNow to create Blockbuster Powered by CinemaNow, which will start delivering movies to Blu-ray Disc players, Internet-connected TVs, mobile phones and even the iPhone later this year. The multi-year preferred provider agreement between Blockbuster and Sonic Solutions, which acquired CinemaNow late last year, will put the rental giant on some of the same devices through which its main online rival, Netflix, has already begun streaming its own digital content.