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One year ago, before Hulu became widely available, there was a serious debate over whether people really wanted to use their computers watch full-length Hollywood productions versus short YouTube clips.
Hulu, which is co-owned by NBC Universal, News Corp. and Providence Equity Partners, put its money on Hollywood. So far the gamble is paying off.

In exactly twelve months, Hulu has become the second-biggest video brand on the Web, according to Nielsen Online. Of course, YouTube, the number one brand, is still almost ten times bigger, but Hulu's rise from zero to number two is still impressive.

And as Mark Cuban pointed out last year, Hulu is laughing at Youtube all the way to bank. The reason: unlike YouTube, Hulu can easily sell advertising around every video on its site. It can also use YouTube to promote its videos, posting teaser clips to its heart's content that lead back to Hulu.