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2x HD PVR + 1x HD HomeRun - What supports that config (Sage? Beyond TV?)

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I'm setting up a new media box. I've got 2 HD PVR's and 1 HD HomeRun. I wanted to ask what software to purchase for it. Basically what would support that config out of the box and also are there any guides available on how to do it? (Configure the different channels for hdpvr / hdhomerun etc)
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Both BTV and Sage will work. If you want a full multimedia (music, photo, video and TV) use Sage. If you only want a TV PVR then BTV. BTV is the best (IMO) PVR software for North American TV. Both have great user forums and work well

Be aware that you will need a pretty decent PC to handle the HD PVR playback and there is a fair amount of setup required to get the QAM channels mapped on the HDHR.

Your question makes you sound pretty newb to the HTPC scene. Your proposed setup is pretty sophisticated with 2 x cableco STBs, 2xHD PVRs and a dual tuner ATSC/Qam HDHR. If you are a newb, you will have dificulty in getting them all playing nice together.

If you are not a newb please forgive the assumption.

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I'm somewhat of a newbie to HD recording. Have used MCE in the past for SD. I gave up with erratic STB / Firewire recording issues a few years ago. From what I've read so far I'll need Firewire to control channel changing on the STB's (issue with IR / two HD PVR's) . Are there any comprehensive guides available for either BTV or Sage. Also mind if I ask in what way BTV is better (I could use MCE etc as a video /picture browser front-end while allowing BTV to do the actual recording so shouldn't be too much of an issue between Sage/BTV over those features)

Thanks a lot
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Or you could try the free route first.

GB-PVR or Team MediaPortal would likely work fine for this.
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Heh Guess I should rephrase that a little, as bigbird99 said it'll be a little complicated, what would be the easiest one to setup/use? Is there any site where people have compiled guides for each etc
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http://forums.snapstream.com/vb/ for BTV
http://forums.sagetv.com/forums/ for Sage
http://forums.gbpvr.com/ for the free one

I would start with just the HD HR and get it running. You should be able to test drive all of the software solutions (Sage and BTV are free for 20 days). Be prepared to spend a lot of time in the forums learning how to get it to do what you want. When you are happy with your choice add one HDPVR and get it going. Repeat. Guys with a lot of HTPC experience have trouble getting just one HDPVR running well. IMO an HTPC newb starting out with the "full Monty" in your original post will lead to frustration and failure.

I suggest BTV (I have tried them all) because it is a TV PVR only (as opposed to a multimedia program) and is by far the easiest to set up (assuming you are in North America).

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I haven't tried BeyondTV or SageTV but I've been very pleased with GB-PVR. I don't use GB-PVR for other multimedia stuff (yet), but it's been my DVR for over a year now and it works great as that.

I do have a Schedules Direct account ($20/year) for program guide information so I guess that's part of the reason why I found set-up to be fairly easy. I haven't tried setting up an HD-PVR (don't own and currently have no need for one), but setting up a regular SD cable box was fairly easy (albeit, I used IR instead of firewire). As Bigbird999 said, give them a try. What we like may not necessarily be a good fit for you. I also suggest setting up restore points prior to testing each software.
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