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I posted this question in the amps section, but I wanted to get some input from this section as well. I have an A35 going via HDMI into my Onkyo 875 and that inputs via HDMI into my Sammy 1080p plasma.

The abt chip works great and HD and SD movies look good, aside from some minor handshaking hiccups....Anyway, I have read that the reon is better at upconversion, and that it would be better to set the A35 to output 480i and let the 875's reon do the upscaling...This I assume would just be for SD movies and not HD?

Have any of you guys tried this? Does the reon show a better picture? As far as watching HD movies I just set the A35 at 1080p, so I assume the 875 just passes the signal through. What do you guys think would be the best settings for my equipment setup? Thanks all!