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Is there a standard overhang for the front of a bar?

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I'm having a very difficult time finding "standard" dimensions for a bar on the internet. From the front of the bar rail, does anyone know how far the bar top typically overhangs the front of a bar? I'm thinking 10" - 12", but would appreciate any input.
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It all depends on what YOU want. There isn't a standard that I have heard of. I have built several bars and none of them were the same. The height varies but I prefer a few inches above my belly button.

12" would be very wide. This would be more like a table as the stool would fit almost entirely under it. Closer to 4" would be more "normal". Larger than 6" is rare, at least in my experience.

Head out to a few bars and look at what they have. See what you like about theirs and improve on what you don't. Take a camera and notes. MANY people I know who have built bars regretted some aspect of it that would be too expensive to fix after.

You won't build a perfect bar the first time, but research can get you close.
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Height is 42-43 inches

Overhang is 10 on mine. You want to be able to sit on a stool put your feet on the foot rail and place you elbows comfortably on the bar top without having to lean way forward.

IMHO 4 may be OK for a stand at bar but wouldn't be a comfortable bar to sit at.

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I agree with Big.

My bar is 42 inches high and my overhang is 10 inches. I wanted 12 but it could not work out with the materials I had ordered.

A small overhang like 4 inches will make sitting uncomfortable. Your knees will be against the bar and your upper body will be hunched over to reach the bar and your drink.
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I agree with the above. 10-12 inches minimum. Personal choice. I read somewhere while researching my bar that 42 inches is the preferred bar height if you were using the taller bar stools.
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Another vote for 10-12 inches on the overhang.

We made our bar 44" (just slightly over the 'standard') high including the counter.
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Mine is 6 1/2" and is comfortable but I think 10" would be the number to shoot for in my opinion. This way you do not have to worry about the size of stools and size of person that is sitting there. I have a friend who is 6' 3 / 250lbs and he does hit his knees on mine at the 6 1/2", 10" would have been a much better choice if I could do it over again.

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I'm at the same stage as you. I want my bartop to be a little higher because I'm using the taller stools with arm rests. I have a 2 x 6 knee wall at 42" that my bartop will set on. This way the arms of the barstools will fit under the bartop when swiveled. As for the overhang, I want 3" on the bartender side and at least 10" on the barstool side. So I'm planning on a bartop that is 18" to 20" deep. I don't think there is a standard as far as the over hang is concerned. I believe it's more personal preference and what is comfortable for your situation.
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Wow. That looks very similar to my build so far.

I also have cabinets around the front of the bar with a granite countertop. The cabinets are the standard 36" height. In front of the cabinets is a 42" half wall. I've gone to a few bars and the most common measurement for the top width is bar rail plus 15". I'd like to have a front overhang of 10", but then I have an awkward situation where the back of the top hangs over the countertop something like 5" and the countertop space under the top isn't that useful. The solution is to either push the top farther towards the front of the bar or reduce the width of the top.

Thanks for all the replies so far. This is very helpful and I would appreciate any further comments.

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Would you guys mind replying with what your top width is excluding the bar rail?
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Mine is too large for reference because I sized it to hold the party buffet.
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Mine is about a 12 inch bar field with a 4 inch drip tray.
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Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC View Post

Mine is too large for reference because I sized it to hold the party buffet.

When I first started reading this I thought you were going to say you sized it to hold the party dancers.
I haven't built mine yet but I'm planning an at least 18" of bartop only. I will not have a drip tray but I will have 3" of overhang in the back. Take away the 5 1/2" for the 2 x 6 kneewall and that will leave me with 9 1/2" of just bartop overhang. After I add the rail I should be around 15" of total overhang.
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Mine is the same as HeyNow^'s - 12" wide with a 4" drip rail and I feel that is plenty of room.
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Mine is 42" H with a 13" overhang.
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Mine is 20 inches wide. I do not have a drip rail.

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Tony what wood species is that top?
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Hi, my wife and I are building out our basement and your bar is similar to what we were wanting. Could you tell me what company you used to install the cabinets and bar surface?  Could you send or  post pictures of the other side of the bar?

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mine's just a prefab deal, but it's about 6-7inches.

to be honest, I've never really sat at it, it was never intended to be a place to sit and eat/drink, it's a place to prepare food/drinks and then leave.

for my use, it's good. more of an overhang would just waste space(i don't have a lot to begin with).

if your custom building though, i would get the foot rail installed, pull up a chair and figure out what's comfortable, then grab a piece of wood/cardboard to be the top and slide it back and forth until you've found the overhang you like best. i'm sure the distance your foot rail extends will also greatly affect how much overhang you want. you don't want the top to be touching your stomach while your feet don't reach the foot rail
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