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Need help deciding which setup will be best

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So as far as my hookup situation goes I have 2 hdmi ports on my reciever and 3 on my tv. I have my toshiba A3 and PS3 plugged into the reciever and then the reciever plugged into the tv. The other two HDMI spots on the TV are taken up by my Xbox 360 and DVR Cable Box.

Now I also have a xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on, an A2 player and an Oppo that aren't hooked up. Right now I'm debating on taking out the A3 and using the 360 add-on for HD-dvd's and then I would be able to put up the Oppo. My reason for wanting to do this is because I really have not been that impressed with the A3's upconversion and I do have a lot of international DVD releases that I wouldn't mind watching. I don't know if somethings wrong but with the A3 a message pops up often saying that the movie can only be played in 480p, I assume this means it isn't upconverting to its real potential. My question really is how is the HD DVD add on compares to the A3 strictly in the HD-DVD playing category, I don't care if the add on is worse of a upconverter since I'll have the oppo for that. I'm pretty sure I already know that the oppo is a better upconverter than the A3 although maybe I've just been spoiled by HD and thats why the A3's upconversion doesn't look as good as I think it should.
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xbox 360 add-on means NO lossless audio

if your receiver accepts multichannel PCM over HDMI you're better off with a standalone

HDMI switches are not expensive
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Thats true, I completely forgot about that. Thank you for bringing it up. My problem with the HDMI switcher is even though that gives me more room in the HDMI department I still have no room in my entertainment stand. As is I had to purchase a little 360 stand to set up next to the TV and even though it doesn't fit correctly I had to get my cable box on that too so I am just completely out of room.
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The 360 AO is very good for HD DVD PQ, you won't see any loss there (except the audio). IMO, the A2 is the better unit than the A3 for all around use...
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ah, the A2 is better? I'll have to switch the A3 with my A2. I never even hooked up the A2, I just bought it as an extra in case my A3 ever craps out.
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