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As and continue to set new online TV viewing records, and are getting more aggressive with their own ad-supported streaming services.

In the last few weeks, Comcast-owned Fancast has revamped its site to make it easier for users to find full-length TV shows, redoing its search engine and adding TV show pages and other content to make itself a one-stop entertainment site. Later this year, Comcast will add its planned On-Demand Online service to the site, allowing its cable customers to watch online anything they can get on TV. The company also will allow cable customers to move content from Fancast to their cable set-top box to watch on the TV on demand.

Because we're owned by Comcast, we understand television viewing doesn't just happen online. We're not trying to supplant the TV, Fancast VP and general manager Alix Cottrell said of the site's strategy to offer both ad-supported videos and TV and movie information.

Fancast now streams 10,000 full-length shows on its site and has deals with all of the major networks and