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DVI Signal Cloning

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Currently I have a computer with 2 DVI outputs to support dual screen or cloning. I also have 2 display setups, the first consisting of a 1080p 47" LCD screen, and the second consisting of 2 19" dell monitors, one setup vertically, the other horizontally (in an "L" shape). I would like to be able to switch between these 2 display setups easily, (resolution changes, single to dual monitor changes, and have the DVI output(s) switch between the different setups).

I looked into buying a DVI Y splitter, which I thought would duplicate a signal of the DVI to two different outputs, but after research, I've found that DVI Y splitters are meant for special video cards that can display dual DVI outputs through a single DVI output. I'm not sure if my video card supports this (or how to check if it does) but since it already has 2 DVI outputs then I would assume it doesn't support it (is that a good assumption?).

I guess I'm really looking for a backwards kvm-ish switch (but I don't need the k[keyboard] or m[mouse]) which takes DVI output(s) and splits and activates the one I have selected (A for LCD, and B for dual 19" monitors). It would be nice if this switch came with some software which would switch the display setting on the fly in windows XP so that the different resolution, and single to dual monitor setup problem would be solved.

Does anyone have a suggestion to solve my problem, or know of a device I have described above?

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DVI Gear, if they don't make it...


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Holy jesus , this is the mecca there's some crazy stuff on this site.

If I find something that suits my needs I'll reply to this post with what I find
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Dummy post so I can post links on my next post...
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It seems that this will work for switching the DVI signal, but it does not solve the problem of changing the display settings on the fly.


It sure would be a pain to have to keep manually changing them when I switch setups. I've seen some software that will manage this for you (I still need to test it out):


Unfortunately - the only piece of the puzzle missing (with the 2 solutions above) is having the dvi splitter activate the the program to switch the display modes.

hmmm...perhaps if there command line api's to both the DVI switcher and the UIFreind app I could use batch files to switch between one and the other.

I'll research this more. Does anyone have anymore suggestions?

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I guess NVidia drivers completely support saving display settings down to where the task bar is. Get the latest Nvidia drivers for you card and check out Control Panel -> NVidia nView Desktop Manager -> "Profiles" tab

You can save alot of stuff here. Note that you can also set hot keys to load profile... (under the Misc tree option). Note Hotkeys are set per profile, and you MUST save the profile again in order to have the hot keys stick around.

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Why not put a second video card in?
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www.sewelldirect.com Check out this site too. They have tons of this type equipment and great tech support. There prices are competitive too.
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