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No drivers, minor brand, works on XP but no widescreen?

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I've got a 32in widescreen by Orion, model #: TV32RN10DAC. I've googled this and I can find next to no information of any sort, not even a manual, let alone drivers.

I'm trying to use this is a secondary monitor on my Toshiba Satellite Pro M40 with an ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M series.

If I plug it in and run it at 1024x768 this works OK - but no Widescreen. Any higher resolution causes the TV to display 'No signal'.

I've poked around the settings on the T.V. but the only thing I can spot which could be of any relevance is WGXA Input. I tried changing this from No to Yes - which does cause the input to take up full width. However it's just stretched, it doesn't maintain proportion?

I've tried flicking through the List All Modes under advanced settings but the only options are in the 1024x768 range - my guess is that this isn't widescreen?

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1024x768 is a 4:3 ratio not 16:9

Is this it?


More evidence to support the continued free-fall of flat panel prices in Japan and abroad: the ¥89,000 (about $768) 32-inch and ¥129,800 (about $1,110) 37-inch Orion LCD TVs. Both panels are available from Japan's Orion Direct and feature integrated digital/analog terrestrial tuners, a 1366x768 resolution, 1000:1 contrast, up to 500cd/m2 brightness, and 176-degree viewing angle with HDMI, D4, S-Video, and a couple of composite inputs. Ok, we're not talking cheap a la the similarly spec'd $500 32-inch KONKA our readers discovered yesterday, but hey, damn cheap for Japan.

[Via Impress]

Read -- 32-inch LD32V-TD1
Read -- 37-inch LD37V-TD1
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Use the following link to contact Orion for details about your model.
You are apparently trying to send it a resolution it will not accept over the interface you are using which is why it displays No Signal.


1024x768 is not a widescreen resolution however there are some widescreen TVs with rectangualr pixels that have a native resolution of 1024x768 so all PC output to them is stretched.
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WGXA needs to be set to 'yes' and you need to be able to feed it a widescreen resolution - when I googled the model number (w/o the "DAC") it shows up as a 1366x768 panel.
When was the last time you updated the drivers on your video card? I'd do that first and then see if the problem lies with it or the input on the set. (My money is on the video card/drivers)
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