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Time to post my new theater build

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I have been procrastinating, but its time to start this thread. My theater will be done in the next 3 weeks, but has been underway for 6 months.

Here is the blank canvas, 9 foot foundations to give a little extra height to work with in the basement, also to make sure that there are no ductwork bulkheads protruding into the theater space.

The theater area framed in.

Looking to the left side of the front of the room.

Looking back to the door of the room, you can see where the equipment rack and subwoofer enclosure is.

Showing the inwall speaker wire, I used 14 G 4 conductor Liberty wire

The side speakers are Paradigm ADPs, so I did not put speaker terminals on the walls, just framed it in so there is a solid surface to mount them to.

All the walls and ceiling are coverd in Enermax to add sound containment.

The walls and ceiling all insulated, ready for drywall

Now you can clearly see the equipment rack and sub locations

The airspace between the theater ceiling and the upstairs floor. Should decouple the sound from going through a bit

Under the stairs will be where all the gear is located, as well, I am building a sealed enclosure that the subs will sit inside of. I wanted to free up some extra floorspace and have them out of the living area.
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First look at the drywalled room

From another angle. The space in the middle of the ceiling will be to add a star ceiling at a later time. There is a switched dimable plugin in it.

Closeup showing the Enermax and gyproc layering that is on all the walls.

Starting to frame and insulate the enclosure that will house the subs

Drywall and fiberglass on all sides

And the back leaves another airspace to help decouple the bass from the next room

Sub enclosure finished and the home made equipment rack in place

Taped and mudded

Here you can see the 2 layers of drywall around the subwoofers

And the finished mudding

The equipment rack starting to look the way its supposed to

Blacked out with flat spray paint

And shelves placed to keep all the gear perfectly flush. It will all have lots of breathing room on the sides so all the components will be stacked close together with minimal space between them

The front framed and ready for paint

Building the 10 inch high riser

A good shot showing how it will contour with the curved seating

A shot of the completed riser and front stage. I went minimalistic, just a plain curve across the front of it

My little woman classing up the jobsite, some friends have suggested a stripper pole at this point

I got a great deal on 2 rows of these at Sears. They are bonded leather and very comfy
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Power outlet in the riser for rope lighting

Finished riser, you can see the rope light, just waiting for carpet

The ceiling has been painted a dark flat blue, it really makes the room feel much darker, should be really dark when the grey and red goes on the walls

Projector plug, it needs to be sprayed to match the ceiling before I put it in permanently

Looking forward from the doorway

you can make out the 3 lights over the stage are as well as see where the wall sconces are going

Carpet went in today, it looks brown in the picture, buts really a charcoal grey

A nice clear shot of the front stage and sub enclosure

Rope lighting installed

And turned on

3 more weeks to go, just waiting for painters and then will post more progress.
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I noticed you did not use treated wood for the bottom plate. that makes me feel better because I didn't either, but im crossing my fingers. Looks great.
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Originally Posted by elvalle View Post

I noticed you did not use treated wood for the bottom plate. that makes me feel better because I didn't either, but im crossing my fingers. Looks great.

That depends on your location and other factors such as the composition of the concrete used in the slab, moisture levels, etc.

In my area (and many others), pressure treated plates are required by code.
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I placed all my equipment in a closet I made underneath my steps. While their is ample space all around the equipment it still gets hot and stuffy in there. Enough so that I wanted to and did vent it out. If your gonna have equipment closely stacked together and/or your gonna put face plates or somehow cover the front of the equipment area you may want to think about venting before it's to late.
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I had all my amps in a solid rack in my last home, they had no air access on the sides, and only about 8 inches of space behind them. I had more trouble with the PC getting too hot, but the amps never got too hot to the touch. I also have a very deep closet under the stairs, so they will have lots of airspace to heat up. Should be no problem.
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Looking good so far buddy! Can't wait to see it on my next trip to Saskatoon (once it's ready to rock of course). I got my optoma hd65 up and going in my current room but my (re)construction of that room will start in a month or so. Just in the middle of the planning stages now. Did you put anything aside from insulation in the stage/riser (sand etc)?
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Awesome job so far...Gonna look great
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Just insulation in both the riser and the stage. I kept it small so the span would be short, in fact the front speakers will just about cover it front to back, so they should be resting directly on the 2x4s. The top is also done in 5/8 osb, so it is thick and strong.
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Some more progress today, the painters have been in this week so I was able to go in and do some more work:

Walls painted, the colors turned out great.

I got a bag of 4" pyramid foam off the internet to line my sub enclosure

An hour and a couple tubes of No More Nails Foamboard adhesive and it turned out ok. I also got a 12g extension cord and cut it down for the subs. Its about 8 feet long and plugged into a 20 amp circuit.

Also got my tempered glass the other day so I put in my door on the equipment rack. The room is starting to come together!
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Some more small details today:

Projector plug, painted and installed

Front screenwall with the speaker terminals mounted.
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Today's progress!!!

All the electrical plates are on

and wall sconces

My Grafik Eye installed

The riser, wires for bass shakers and ready for seats
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Very Nice Space !!
Looking forward to more photos
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Awe yyyyaaa!
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Looking great, get those seats in there and fire up the gear
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I really like the look of your theater. Great job, man. You are much further along than I am! Keep up the posts.
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Your room is looking very good! Do ya mind sharing your paint colors? Walls, Trim, etc...
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Nice build! I like the colors. Waiting to see it with furniture...

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I really dig it...
Love the layout and colors...

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Nice Theater. Oh how I wish I had a basement / spare room. Next house.
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Colors are all Cloverdale flat:
Ceiling - 7381 - Puerto Deseado
Upper Walls - 8304 - Grey Matter
Lower Walls - 8693 - Cheerful Cherry
Front Screen wall and trim - 8301 - Opening Night

The lighter grey looks quite light with the lights on, but it disappears completely when the lights are down to about 20%. I will likely look into velvet drapes across the front stage, but I have lots of other things to do first. I am building a cover for the sub enclosure that I will wrap in black grillcloth. I also want to build some high freq diffusers for the side walls, so I will be ordering some mineral wool and using black burlap to wrap those. Also want to get the star ceiling done this year too. Its a never ending process...
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Beautiful room. I really like the colors you used.
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We took possession of the house on Friday, so I have been getting things set up:

Hanging my 106" Dalite High Contrast Cinemavision screen

Screen up, Paradigm Studio 100's and Studio Center. I need to build a short stand for the center to bring it up to just below the screen

My trusty Panasonic AE300

Just kidding, I am going 1080p with an AE2000. I considered getting the 3000 instead, but with the high contrast screen and full light control the 2000 should be adequate.

A pair of Paradigm Servo 15's, the bass is so accurate with these

They fit like a glove in the sub enclosure

The seats are assembled. There is a problem though, only one of them has seams in the back, you can clearly see them in the seat right in front if the camera. Tomorrow I get to go see how good Sears is at exchanging pieces. I bought these in Nov so I am not too optimistic.

A good look at the seating area.

You can also see my back speakers, I think I will need taller stands than the ones I have for them.
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Hey man, it's really coming together. Colours look great. If sears won't let you return that chair you can just move it to the far side of the back row and it would barely be noticable anyway.

So what was the first movie you put on once you got it all setup?
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Nice room. It is funny what happens when a person documents an entire build at once, as opposed to as they go. Your six months is contained in 2 days of posting while others take a year and have 1000 posts and counting.

2 things, did you do all the work yourself and what is your home made rack actually made out of?
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May i suggest the B-Tech BT15 Center channel stand for your center...


Awesome room btw! I'm sure you will spend endless hours in there tweaking and still will never be satisfied like me

I got it for my hsu center and it works great...the hsu center is a beast and it holds it with ease. I know, its a little off center, i have fixed it since, just dont have a updated photo.

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I have done much of the work myself, but since the new house was being built, I did make use of the trades guys that were working there. I did not do the drywall, the mudding, or the painting myself. The electrical, though done by the electrician, was done to my spec. I selected the lights, the fixtures, the Grafik Eye, which he had not heard of before. I even got dual 20 amp circuits for the equipment rack. I did build the rack, the sub enclosure, and wired all the speaker and projector wiring myself. I also designed the room and made the concessions I had to with the space and budget. So I do consider the room to be "the room that I built".

The rack is made from 2 6 foot pieces of angle steel which are attached to the ceiling/staircase above it. Then the shelves are 5/8 mdf and 3 inch angle brackets. It is incredibly strong and was able to hold my own weight without any sagging or shifting. The amps are heavy so I wanted to ensure it was built as solidly as I could.

First disk was AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip live concert, and then once I got the PC in and fired up, Transformers on HD DVD.
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Wow this area looks great. Dont be surprised if you see the same Opening night color in my theater.

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Ok, I know its been awhile, but with moving in and summer starting, its been busy. I did get around to mounting my rear speakers on the wall. I found a pair of B-tech BT77s at Future Shop and they are the only wall mounts I have seen that are strong enough to hold my Studio 20s. I also had the one seat back that had the wrong stitching on it reupholstered so it matches the rest of the seats now. Some pics below:

The next step will be to build a front stand for my center channel as this one just doesnt quite fit the room decor:
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