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Thanks for that vote, carledwards! I'm very glad to see that wonderful Santana concert finally get a vote.

List updated...
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My favorite is none other then The Moody Blues: Lovely To See You Live.
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Originally Posted by Brassua View Post

My favorite is none other then The Moody Blues: Lovely To See You Live.

Excellent choice!
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+1 Eagles Farewell Tour I.

by far my most played disc of all time,
I should probably order a second one for backup , just in case something happens to this one.

I spent $450 for a pair of tickets in the nose bleed seats in March to see them live, (Long Road Out Of Eden Tour)
and although it was a great show, the sound and picture quality at home was far superior!

I'd much rather watch the concert at home where my large comfy powered recliners are the front row seats
and sitting 10' away from a 120" screen is almost like being in the front row of a concert (for a fraction of the cost).

I swear putting a Home Theater in my basement was the BEST thing I've ever done!

My second most played HD DVD is my G/F's favorite
a Tribute to James Taylor

I've also got about 20 concerts on Blu
...and Front Row VIP seats to all of those too
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I was wondering when someone might mention the James Taylor one. I love the Dixie Chix song, Carole Kings song, and of course I love Fire & Rain sang by Mr. Taylor. I would say it is my 2nd favorite one behind the Eagles. Referring to another poster, I prefer Chicago over EWF. So my order(that I own) of hd dvds would be

1. Eagles Melbourne
2. Tribute to James Taylor
3. Cream
4. Chicago/EWF

I have Queen which is great two concerts, but in blu-ray. Other than that the only other music related hd dvd would be a view from space that has all the great composers playing where you can pick from eight different audio composer compilation tracks and view the earth from space. Warning, it is good for audio, but the video sucks.
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List updated again. The Eagles have flown to #1.
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Got Eagles this week, very impressive on all levels. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by webdev511 View Post

+1 has awesome concert look and sound stage. When I watch it, I FEEL like I'm there.

I've been to several NIN concerts going back to the pretty hate machine tour.

This hd-dvd release is the closest you will ever get to actually being there and unless you had really good seats it's better.

Truly excellent.
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Originally Posted by nohkul View Post

I totally agree, although I like the Earth, Wind, and Fire part of the concert more than the Chicago part

I had this one on HD DVD but I had to get the BD cause of the lossless DTSMA track which is a noticable upgrade. It still a great sounding HD DVD though.
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Another vote for The Eagles concert, fantastic video and audio.
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Thanks, list updated again. The Eagles are flying high!
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either nine inch nails or deep purple
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Another vote for the Eagles...

I personally love HD concerts on both formats...but 3 of my favorites, Eagles, Cream and JT are still not on Blu. Glad I held onto my HD-DVD players.
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Add me to the Eagles list! I finally unwrapped my months-old copy a few weekends ago, and was blown away by it. From reading thru this thread, might pick up a few more concert videos, if I can find a good deal on the HD DVD versions.

Question - HighDefDigest review mentions a dts 5.1 soundtrack (regular dts since no hi-def codes was mentioned), but my Onkyo was showing it as the dts HD Master Audio signal. Was this a misprint?
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A couple more votes for The Eagles added and one for Deep Purple: Live At Montreux 2006 (which was unmentioned before).
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Hands down, the Eagles concert in every respect gets my number one vote. I have most of the others to compare it to.

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Best/Favorite concert HD-DVD. This wasn't as easy for me as I initially thought. Mainly because I broke the titles up into two components, technical and emotional impact. Then the combo of both rules the day. My vote goes-

1. Moody Blues
2. Eagles
3. Heart
4. EWF/Chicago

I don't know why, but I heard differences between DD+ and DD TrueHD on Lovely to See You. DD TrueHD in my setup was much preferred (I felt it had a more realistic balance). I expected to hear no differences, but that didn't happen. The TrueHD allowed Moody to slip past the DTS HD-Master Audio Eagles Live in Melbourne Farewell 1 Tour. Ann and Nancy were tight in their set, but the audio (technical) component was a step down from the Moody/Eagles discs. The DD+ of the EWF/Chicago discs was often pleasing enough, but sometimes the renditions of songs (notably some of the Chicago tracks) left the emotional impact lower than the others.

I only add BD concert discs to my collection now, so I probably won't change my list above even if I acquire some that are duplicated on each format. There would be no way for me to know that the same mastering/mixing was used for each format to make a valid choice.
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Alice Cooper live at the montreaux gets my vote!
Available on HD-DVD and blu
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Eagles gets my vote since its not available on BD that I know of. So a must for HD DVD and Eagles fans.
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My two favorites are --

Toto: 25th Anniversary
Heart: Alive in Seattle

I picked up the Toto concert on a whim. I wasn't even a fan. That changed just a few minutes into the concert.
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Updates added...

Magmatic, I agree with everything you said. Great post!
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NIN definitely gets my vote. It's also the only disc I have ever played on my system at reference volume. The PQ is better than the 1080i Bluray version, and the AQ is top notch. It begs you to play it loud.
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On a side note and just for fun. The DTS Audio Demo Disc has a one track Pixies performance of "Debaser" that is great! The promo says that a Pixies HD DVD will be out soon on Eagle Rock. Boy that would've been awesome. Maybe a Blu release though? Here's hoping.
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My vote goes for Queen.
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Vote for Motorhead. I've seen em live once, in '08 and that was an amazing experience, and that was at the back of the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, now I get to see the mole and handle-bars on Lemmy's face with this HD-DVD and I LOVE IT!

Mickey Dee's solo is one of the best drum solo's I've ever heard and with the HD audio its even better.
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Originally Posted by llep64 View Post

there is no doubt that Roy Orbison's" Black and White night", is it for me.

Very nice. All star group backing up Orbison. Also now avail on Blu-ray.
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Originally Posted by uw69 View Post

Very nice. All star group backing up Orbison. Also now avail on Blu-ray.

That's one well recorded sound track ,clean great separation of the channels you can almost feel like you're there, I had rented this first and was floored ran out to buy it, and I'm not the biggest Roy O fan.

I'm going to pop this one in when I get home.

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Updates added to first post...
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My vote goes to Nine Inch Nails - Beside You In Time
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Just watched the Eagles Farewell Tour on HD DVD tonight. Nothing could be better. I love this concert!
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