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Denon AVR-1908 - No analog video

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I tried searching the forum and went through he official thread but didn't find a solution. If I have missed it, feel free to point me in the right direction.

I cannot seem to configure my receiver to output analog video. I have a mix of digital video, digital audio, analog video, and analog audio. I have component, composite, and HDMI cables running from the Monitor out to my TV but still seem to have little luck. This is a diagram of the back panel and my setup:

Denon back panel and setup

I am using HDMI for the DVD and Cable Box. I am using component for my game console. I am using composite for my MP3 player. I get audio for all sources but no video for the MP3 player or the game console.

I am not trying to convert my analog sources to HDMI. I have dedicated cables and don't mind using them. I just seem to be having a problem determining just what needs to be assigned.

I have determined that the problem lies with the receiver and not the cables, the TV, or the sources.

What other information can I provide so that someone might be able to give me some ideas on which sections of the manual or which menu items I need to research? Any help would be appreciated.
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I just found batpig's setup guide and will give that a try. In the meantime, any help will still be greatly appreciated.
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Although batpig's guide is useful, I still seem to be having problems. In part because the guide caters to an OSD but without the analog video, I believe I cannot get to some options for assignment.

I stripped the setup to a bare minimum and have only a single stereo analog device plugged in and only RCA composite out to the TV. My hope was to at least get the OSD so I could match it more closely with the guide. Regardless of input, I still cannot seem to get video. I have used the AUX jacks on the front with an A/V cable plugged into my MP3 player. Even with this simple setup, I get stereo sound and no video.

I'm really at a loss on this. Any ideas?

Is there a way to reset the receiver back to factory defaults? I also thought starting from scratch might be an option at this point but holding Speaker A + B while turning the unit on doesn't set all settings to defaults.
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