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JVC HM-DH30000/U OTA support?  

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I looked around, and didn't see anything, so here goes...

Does the JVC 30000 series support OTA HiDef directly? Does it have a built-in HiDef tuner? Do I need an external tuner?

I have a Pioneer Elite PRO-510HD with the SH-D09 Tuner. The tuner is connected directly to the TV using a proprietary connector. I cannot send out HiDef signals over iLink or hi-band component video from this tuner.

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No, amazingly it wasn't built with an ATSC HD tuner.
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In some of the articles on the new HD movies on tape, they mentioned another JVC VHS-D VCR to be released this year. I wonder if that one will include an ATSC tuner? That would seem like a logical move from their current product.

Can anyone tell us which STB's currently work with the JVC VCR?
On those, does it support both OTA and DirecTV recording?
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The Panasonic DST50/51 are supposed to work. They are OTA receivers only.

Anyone have that new Samsung unit? Does it have firewire out?
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JVC has indicated that Dish Network will support the IEEE1394 interface with either a new module for the existing 6000, or a new IRD. This was before the merger annoucement, so it's hard to say if this is still the case.
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