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Outdoor speaker suggestions

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I am looking for suggestions for outdoor speakers for my patio. I would like to keep it at $120 or under. I am considering the Polk Atrium 50 as well as The Outdoor Speaker Company line, which I am unfamiliar with. Thanks in advance.
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go with the Polk's - watch for sales on the Atrium's and check the Polk eBay store "Polk Audio Direct" or their dealer name "polkdirect"
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Check out out door speaker depot dot com or thespeakercompany.com, better speakers at a better price. I am about to order some from out door speaker depot myself.
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I just finished hooking up my outdoor speakers, with a outdoor volume control. I did not want to spend alot of money on outdoor speaker but I wanted decent sound. I went with the Phoenix Gold IHS6W 6.5 inch woofer and a 25mm tweeter for $169 shipped from Amazon. I found this to be the largest woofer in this price range and was exactly what I was looking for. The white speakers were cheaper than the black, and I took them all apart and sprayed them to match the exterior of my house. They sound great, better than I thought they would. Check them out at Amazon.
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