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I hope someone can help me because the similar threads I found had no answers.

After much deliberation and display comparison, I bought got an HP LP2475w, based on its glowing reviews on and TFTCentral.

The LCD flat panel, however, has such a strong red color that it literally hurts my eyes, even at zero brightness. I tried adjusting the gamma for red to the minimum, but it's still way too bright. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is it a unit issue, or is it something to do with the entire series?

I have another HP LCD monitor, an HP L2335, which is flawless, and has tame colors. I use the same laptop and the same docking station with a DVI cable to connect to both monitors, so it's not something with my system. I already tried HP's Display Assistant utility, but it didn't help any more than the built in graphic card settings did.
Any ideas on how to calibrate down the red? Is it even possible?

Should I exchange this monitor for another one of the same model?

Does anyone have calibration settings for the HP LP 2475w?