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Bringing an ancient Sony KP7220 back to life?!?

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I believe this is my first post, so hi there.

My girlfriend runs a thrift store (which can lead to interesting home theater/audio finds) and someone recently dumped off a Sony KP7220 front projector with the original screen. Unfortunately the screen was gone by the time I noticed the projector sitting in the back.

I drug an extension cord out to it, plugged it in, and hit the on button. Sadly nothing happened. It got power out of the built in outlet, though. Is this projector worth fixing? What type of upgrades could be performed on it if it was working as far as adding inputs for newer video sources like DVD and game systems? Could it possibly display any form of HD resolution?

I'm really new to projectors. I have a 60" Philips RP HDTV, but I'm interested in front projection just because it seems neat, and this particular projector has a funky vintage look that I like. If anybody has any experience with this particular unit or advice, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks.
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I haven't seen one of these in years. I think there's a long post here somewhere about one of these sets, but there's no schematics out there I think. These sets were really reliable, but now they are 25 years old.

Someone a long time ago installed a video jack on one of these locally, I noticed little if any improvement over the RF input. No, the set can't do HD resolution, what you see is what you get. Connect cable, and that's it.

As for the set being dead, there are a couple of internal fuses on the power supply, but you could have other problems as well. I've got nothing here for the set, but you might find another one on eBay for dirt cheap, or check the local CL.

If the tubes are still good, then it gave a reasonable image on that super reflective curved screen. Runco did some board mods to use it on a flat screen, but I don't have a list of the mods, and they probably aren't worth doing at this point.
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You really need the screen to use it. Also my old KP-5000 had a video jack from the factory. BNC plug type. If your KP-7220 has it you can use any source with a yellow video jack.

Was the mirror open when you tried to turn it on? On my KP-5000 it had to be opened first.

Oh yea, I have a full photocopy of the service manual/schematics in a binder for the KP-5000/KP-7200 if anyone needs it cheap, I don't have my KP-5000 anymore.
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I'll see if they have any contact information for the person who bought the screen. If I could get the screen and just change a fuse/clean it up, it would definitely be coming home with me...not that I have anywhere to put it...

Thanks for the help. I'll update this post if I can get it running.
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Curt people keep popping up saying they will share manuals with us/you here, and last month or so over at your place as well, however they are never from, again.

Mike, does yours come with a remote control? Some of these did, but mine didn't have one and no where does it show signs of having a remote eye.

Curt can one put up grids (per tube) for convergence? the older all in one units had test grids, but no idea how to work the 7222. The three pots on the top rail under the hood only allow the gain to be turned up (into retraceline territory), and down, but not off.
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Originally Posted by donaldk View Post

Curt can one put up grids (per tube) for convergence? the older all in one units had test grids, but no idea how to work the 7222.

If you've got a computer with video out, you could make some of your own pretty easily. Would be useful for making patterns to get that grayscale bang-on, too...
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ive tried that worked fine for me
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Originally Posted by lioni View Post

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I want to watch an action movie that has this quote.
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Originally Posted by perisoft View Post

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These models did have a built in test grid. Also, they were known to be fairly reliable, however if yours ends up being truly broken, it will be difficult to fix.
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how is the story going?did you bring it back to life?
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so I ended up getting one of these coffee table beasts and it's massive screen off of craigslist, as for it being difficult to work on, it's surprisingly easy compared to a rear projection tv, the entire case is held on by only 4 screws and all the boards inside are very easily accessed. As for it being complex, as compared to an hd rear projector it is extremely simple and easy as there isn't a surface mount component in the whole unit, and as I said before, all the boards are very easy to access. Currently mine is going to undergo a complete recap, replacing all the electrolytics in the unit, since one in the power supply is starting to bulge and turn evil, and convergence is starting to act funny because of the changing voltage, and is a bit dark from low current. However all 3 tubes are fine and once its recapped, should work well for another 20 years or so, these things are built like tanks.

To add a composite in on these, the tuner board is in the front of the unit and has two RCA type plugs, one labeled RF and the other labeled IF, if you run an rca splitter from the IF plug to a composite cable, it will work but as stated the picture is pretty much the same, only useful if you want to eliminate the need for an RF modulator, which i use with mine for a DVD player and ps2.

As for his projector not turning on, the large filter capacitor in the power supply, which is the board in the front of the projector with the cord and outlet and audio outputs, may have failed, replacing it is relatively easy, only needing a soldering iron, wick, and solder, and of course the 200v 560uf and 160v 33uf caps in the supply, replace the fuse on there with a conventional agc one of similar rating, if mine blew i would substitute a holder and agc fuse for the soldered in one providing easier replacement.

Sitting here watching Return of the Jedi on my kp-7220 as I type this, it's awesome, and to think i was going to just get rid of the projector for a DLP one and keep the screen, very glad I didn't do that now! Nothing beats CRT.

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That's impressive. I agree that nothing beats the CRT but ... to think you still find people willing to watch the SD sets at this point is very impressive.

I remember when I first saw Sony 103x pj's with Laserdiscs and it was awesome but it would be un-watchable to me now.

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Nothing beats CRT

Except DLP.
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Originally Posted by Splicer010 View Post

Except DLP.

Certainly not in my experience
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DLP has a slight advantage IMHO. DLP is more precise, less issues. This coming from a man that has both, and my CRT HD RPTV has many more features than my same make DLP. Of course though, everyone has their favorite.
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Hmmm, for a minute there i thought you were talking front projection.
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My sony works great but since I took it to have Power Transformer board put in ( doubt it realy was the problem or even replaced ) It never was as clear as before! I'm pretty sure the Tech. screwed some thing up. I paid good money and it is worse than before. I would like to get a copy of the service manual or tips to get back like before? I bought this TV 25 years ago and it was the Best TV ever ( not to compare to flat panels but it is 72" ) and used to be clear as a bell!
Help anyone out there?
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is the 7200 much different tha a KP7220 could use the copies if so? how much?
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