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Originally Posted by vpn75 View Post

....A whipped, neutered Ron was also hilarious!

Does he normally not have a mustache? I can see adding the beard and long hair last week but how do you get rid of something one already has Maybe some kind of CGI trickery??
I also split a gut with the Seven-twenty office scenes and I didn't even know about the lockout which makes it even more funny
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are you kidding me? i'm still laughing from last nights show.
that episode was as funny as anything I have ever watched on tv.

this show just keeps getting better and better. heck if they just send that one
episode to the emmy voters maybe this show will start to get the recognition
it deserves.

only downer was that i then tried to watch the office and whitney and turned them both off. after watching sitcom brilliance, just couldn't tolerate one sitcom that is on its deathbed and another that is stillborn.
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Originally Posted by mac707 View Post

I wouldn't worry. Everyone I've read that has seen the next episode has said its an all time classic.

boy you know your stuff. couldn't agree more
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Leslie: Why do you have so many guns?
Tamara: This is American, isn't it?
Leslie: Yes
Tamara: Then I don't have to answer stupid question, while standing on my own property.
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Originally Posted by alpha21 View Post

Leslie: Why do you have so many guns?
Tamara: This is American, isn't it?
Leslie: Yes
Tamara: Then I don't have to answer stupid question, while standing on my own property.

I'm going to use that the next time a telemarketer or pollster calls...excpept modifying it to "...while talking on my own phone".
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When putting out the bottle of booz, Ron says

The only legal use for this stuff is to remove varnish from speedboats.
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Best comedy on TV.

"Don't drink that, Leslie, we use it to burn warts off the mules."

or something close to that. Loved every scene.
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Thursday's episode is the main reason why I think this is the funniest comedy on TV. I loved the entire Ron being neutered from Tammy 1 thing. Then when Leslie , Ron's Mom and Tammy 1 drink that stuff. The best scene was when Leslie was drink and knocking things off her desk. I was almost in tears watching that. Also, the entertainment 720 thing was good. "This place is going to go bankrupt after this...sentence!" Great episode. It is going to be a great season.
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watched it again last night. still funny

april over tammy 1: she's the cold, distant mother i've always wanted.

she's my hero.
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TV Notes
A Sitcom Grows Up and Finds Its Identity
By Bill Carter, The New York Times - October 6th, 2011

It seems to be in the DNA of many of NBC's most memorable comedies: they're late bloomers.

Nobody thought much of Cheers or Seinfeld or The Office when they first hit the air. But once they found their voices, they found an audiences.

Parks and Recreation, seen at 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays, is halfway there. Judging by increasingly favorable critical comment, along with the endorsements on Internet sites and enthusiastic word of mouth, the four-year-old comedy has found its comic voice. The audience part still lags, though with NBC struggling to shore up much of its schedule, the still-modest ratings for Parks and Rec are the least of the network's worries.

That's not the worst way to be described, the least of someone's worries, Amy Poehler said, with her high-pitched cackle of a laugh. She stars in the show as the unflinchingly earnest Leslie Knope, dedicated public servant in the fictional Pawnee, Ind. I think there is a nice dovetailing of quality of show and people liking it and network supporting it, Ms. Poehler said this week in a telephone interview. It's all coming together rather nicely.

But there were some early rocky moments. The show came close to disappearing a few times. Twice its seasons were curtailed by network scheduling, and once it had to sit on the sidelines in the fall while another comedy tried to usurp its place in NBC's lineup and maybe its heart.

But now the signs are certainly promising: Ms. Poehler was nominated for an Emmy this year. Many critics couldn't believe that a co-star, Nick Offerman, who plays the meat-loving libertarian Ron Swanson, wasn't. The rest of the deep cast Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones is almost as celebrated, with many already breaking through in films, like Mr. Pratt's turn as a central player in Moneyball.

For Michael Schur, who created the series with Greg Daniels, it all comes down to a simple formula: It just takes a while.

The creation of Parks and Recreation itself was something of a feint. Ben Silverman, who brought The Office to NBC as a producer before taking over the network's entertainment division (and later leaving in 2009), asked Mr. Daniels to develop a spinoff of that comedy.

He and Mr. Schur set to work, not sure if they wanted to go the spinoff route at all, though Mr. Daniels said they came up with a few ideas. One would have taken the character on The Office played by Ed Helms and made him the head of a quirky family living in a cul-de-sac. Mr. Daniels wanted that to be, like The Office, another mockumentary, this one called American Family, which might have made life more complicated for a later mockumentary hit, ABC'S Modern Family.

What mainly changed the effort was Ms. Poehler. She and Mr. Schur were close from their days on Saturday Night Live. The chance to work with him again led Ms. Poehler to consider starring in a sitcom, a move that had not been in her plans. The only problem was, NBC wanted Parks and Recreation up and running fast and even dangled the opportunity to run the first episode after the 2009 Super Bowl (paired with The Office). But Ms. Poehler was pregnant.

We gave up the post-Super Bowl spot in exchange for Amy, Mr. Schur said. That, and more. The network had wanted 13 episodes that first season. Waiting for Ms. Poehler meant only six. I call it the seasonette, Ms. Poehler said. It was a tiny amuse-bouche to the eventual meal that is Parks and Recreation.'

In retrospect, Mr. Schur said, we dodged a bullet. Going out in front of 20 million or more viewers with a quirky little comedy, one that wasn't sure itself what it was yet, might have been disastrous for the show.

As it was, there was a lot of confusion. People still thought we were a spinoff of The Office,' Ms. Poehler said. We had to prove things we weren't. We had to prove we weren't a spinoff. We had to prove Leslie wasn't trying to be Michael Scott. And that this wasn't Saturday Night Live.' We had to prove all that.

Mr. Schur said the comparison with Michael Scott, Steve Carell's character on The Office, was probably inescapable. I always said if we did a show about Masai warriors, the lead would be compared to Michael Scott.

Certainly the mockumentary style encouraged that comparison. But Mr. Schur conceded the early Leslie Knope was not clearly delineated. She came off as ditsy, Mr. Schur said. We intended her to be smart, just overly earnest.

Then there was the issue of the hole. The original concept revolved around Leslie's efforts to fill in a pit next to the home of her friend Ann (Ms. Jones). Mr. Schur said it was a misconception that the show was once supposed to be forever about the hole. But Mr. Daniels said, Yes, that was the concept in the beginning. In fact, he said, they toyed with the idea of naming the show The Pit.

The limitations of the idea quickly became apparent, Mr. Schur said, and the pit idea was dropped filled in, really early in Season 2. That was also the year the show came together, Mr. Schur said, citing specifically the season's second episode, when Ron gets a hernia. Mr. Offerman's comedic timing had the show's fans buzzing.

Still, the show was hardly out of the woods. At the end of Season 2 Ms. Poehler was pregnant again. I would like to make it clear that this pregnancy did not interfere with our schedule at all, she said, and production continued at the end of the second season to get a jump on the third. The only problem was, NBC decided to keep Parks and Recreation off the fall schedule.

The official rationale was that the network needed to introduce new comedy. In truth, said a senior NBC executive at the time who did not want to be quoted criticizing one of the shows, it was felt that Parks and Rec would never be successful enough to sell in syndication, making it a less attractive investment for the network, which also owns the series. The decision unsettled the cast and creators. Ms. Poehler called it a treacherous time. The thought of them not getting on the air was so horrible we decided just not to think about that, she said. We just kind of, in the Midwestern way, went back to work.

Again adversity wound up providing opportunity. Cutting the season back to 16 episodes from the traditional 22 allowed Mr. Schur and the writers time to come up with an outside project they had been mulling: a mock guidebook to Pawnee. The project, with Leslie Knope credited as author, was published by Hyperion Books last week.

And when the comedy NBC embraced that fall, Outsourced, had its own issues with not blooming fast enough, NBC pulled it at midseason from the slot after The Office and gave Parks and Rec a shot there.

The show had been designed from the first to run there, Mr. Daniels said. And that's where Parks and Rec has drawn its best ratings to date. (This season it was moved back to 8:30.) More important, it started winning converts. We hear about how many people are DVR-ing it and saying, I'm going to catch up to it, Ms. Poehler said.

Mr. Schur said of the show's climb, I think it's a great thing. Nothing in my experience is worse than high expectations.

NBC, Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT (7:30 p.m. Central)

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NBC really needs to put the show back to its time slot from last season.
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Originally Posted by mac707 View Post

I wouldn't worry. Everyone I've read that has seen the next episode has said its an all time classic.

any predictions about tonights show?
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Originally Posted by mr. wally View Post

any predictions about tonights show?

Another amazing episode...even funnier than last week's! This show just keeps getting better and better

Loved Ron calling people by the wrong name to show how little he really cares about them....LOL!

I've always enjoyed the talk show bits and interaction with Joan this week did not disappoint either! The very graphic portraits in her house were great as well.

"Is she going to powder her vagina"
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I thought the show got off to a really odd beginning with leslie with the weirdo radio talk show host and the following skit with really random lines and jokes that weren't funny, but after that, the show went back to its roots and relied on its well developed characters to bring us a very funny show, once again.

These writers are some of the best I've seen for a sitcom in many a year, maybe since Seinfeld. It's not easy writing stuff this funny episode after episode on a consistent basis.

Still the best sitcom on tv.
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For those who aren't aware, the Pawnee book is real.
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Always thought April was hot, but she has taken it to the next level! Glad to see this show keeps evolving and staying funny, it's come a long way from the campaign to fill in the pit near Anne's house storyline.
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another new ep tonight. can't remember them doing 4 in a row before.
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Tonight's episode looks like an instant classic. Per the HOTP thread:

"When Ron (Nick Offerman) leads an all-boy wilderness club, Leslie (Amy Poehler) takes her own group of girls on an adventure in this new episode (8:30 p.m. NBC)."
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Originally Posted by mr. wally View Post

another new ep tonight. can't remember them doing 4 in a row before.

Don't worry... next week is a rerun. The following week (October 27th) gets back to new episodes with....

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
April and Andy throw a Halloween party, to Ben's dismay; Tom promotes his company while emceeing a campaign event for Leslie; Ron and Ann give Andy and April an unusual gift.
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loved the way the have developed ben's nerdiness. first with throw away lines about star wars to yesterday having him dress as batman. lmao!
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Tonight's Halloween episode was great.

Ron fixing up the house during the party. Classic.

Not surprised the Entertainment 720 is bankrupt.
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Loved April's contributions in the opening, but was disappointed by the deflated sumo costume she wore. Was hoping for something a little more "Elvira"-ish. Great ep, best show on network TV right now. Got flack for stating so @ work while a "Big Bang Theory" rerun on TBS was playing in the break room. Seems people that watch that show think it makes them smart by default...NOT.
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I must also say that this is currently the best show on TV. I go into each episode knowing that it will deliver, and last night was no exception.

As for "The Big Bang Theory," that show is pretty good on a consistent basis. I in no way think I'm smart for understanding most of the more arcane references on that show. In fact, I think it is a little sad.
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once again, this episode had me laughing.

congrats to everyone who contributes to the best sitcom on tv
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Entertainment 720's party was funny. Surely all that costs more than their combined money. I thought they only had $10k.

April and Andy's "bucket list" was funny. They did some bad things!
Somebody's gonna have to pay for that glass door that Andy busted through

I laughed when Ron said he wanted to be a socket wrench after reincarnation.

The cult theme was a bit weird. The leader of the cult was crazy! ha
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OK episode, seen much better P&R but still better than most of the new comedies.
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Thought it was a pretty good episode. I really enjoyed April helping Andy with his bucket list. They really make a great couple and their antics are always entertaining! They are definitely not your typical married couple and it keeps their relationship fresh.

Andy confusing Mt. Rushmore with the Grand Canyon....LOL!

The other storylines were pretty decent as well. Would love to have been at Tom's party! Also enjoyed Leslie's awkward response when the reporter was asking about Ben's situation.
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andy getting all excited about holding $1000.00 first in hundreds, then ones, and then he asks for nickels...

this show just keeps bringing it each week. it's great the way the
plots vary from week to week. when you expect them to follow up
on a story line set up from the prior episode, they go 180 on you and keep viewers surprised.
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wow that was the least funny ep in about a year.

they whiffed on that one
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I enjoyed it... kinda. Not the best P&R but it had a few moments. Especially when Ron started chasing after Tom.
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