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Originally Posted by tulsabrown View Post

58v10 is still kickin' and I'm still lovin' it.

I have the same display and agree 100%!
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Originally Posted by snoobley View Post

I still have my 58v10 but I think I'm upgrading this year to a 50gt50. 58 is too big for me. I only enjoy the picture most when I sit back like 10 or 11 feet. I really wish they made the vt50 in 50". This is my first post ever.

Welcome! Very rare to see anybody downgrading size but I want to tell you that the perception of size when watching 3D is completely different. Coming from a 58, a 50 can look much smaller than you think, although the 58 has no 3D. You will want a large screen to watch 3D, check at stores again.
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My 54V10 is still running great We love it.
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Originally Posted by bowler View Post

My 54V10 is still running great We love it.

Ditto. My 65V10 is purring right along . . .

It's been running approximately 12-15 hours / day - on an average - for nearly 33 months now!
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Had my 50V10 since 6/09 and it still looks great even with the terrible black level. Will probably upgrade to a VT50 at the end of the year when the price comes down a bit.
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Originally Posted by Lloyd-TX View Post

Ditto. My 65V10 is purring right along . . .

It's been running approximately 12-15 hours / day - on an average - for nearly 33 months now!

That's some serious TV viewing!
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Originally Posted by globalgreg View Post

That's some serious TV viewing!

Sure is, Greg.

And - I just re-thought that info. It's not accurate . . .

At night I go to sleep with the display (and my AVR) running, but I have the display set to shut off after three hours of inactivity.

That said, due to health issues I rarely sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a time, and when I awake I turn it back on. Weekends it gets a REAL workout, as (between myself and my daughter) it's on nearly 24/2.

Still, probably AVERAGING 10-12 hours / day . . .
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Does anyone know what a single blinking red light means. My unit has done it occasionally when powering on since I bought it in Oct on 2010. I have to uplug the TV from the back, wait ~15 seconds, plug it back in and power on. Then it works fine. It used to do it once every 2 or 3 months, but now it's done it 4 times in the past week. I'm wondering if it's a precursor of something more serious. The red power light blinks once, goes off, blinks once, goes off, etc.
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I get the same thing on my 65V10. I've got a square trade warranty for it but I'm concerned it will be hard to replicate for the technician. From what I've read this code 1 is a fairly generic error.
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I'm looking for someone with a 54v10 interested in parting it out. My dog has scratched the screen up pretty bad and I need a replacement. Anyone know or have a unit to part out? I'm in Atlanta.
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Panasonic TC-P65V10 Service Manual Error codes.pdf 29k .pdf file

Here are the error codes for the TC-P65V10 They should work for all the V10 sets.
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Thanks for the codes! Looks like I'm in the "unknown" category. I guess I'll just ride it out and see what happens. Fingers crossed, knock on wood and all that good stuff. smile.gif
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Well, sorry to bump an old thread but I just wanted to post and say that my V10 has been great to me these last 3 years and is still wowing me to till this day. I want to thank everyone here for their insight as I couldn't have done it without you. Granted, the research process was brutal and about made my eyes bleed but in the end it was all worth it. You can bet your ass I'll be back here doing the same painstaking research when I'm in the market for my next TV. Now, back to your regular scheduled programming.
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My 50V10 is now about three years old. I don't have any meters, but I does look as though the black level has changed. Nonetheless, the picture is still damn good. Over time I have definitely been able to notice the differences between LED and plasma sets. LEDs are just too "loud;" when compared to the very realist reproductions one gets with a Panny plasma. Also, I might add, that I do use three picture modes depending on what I am viewing. To get a little more brightness for viewing sports, I use Game mode most of the time and Custom (professionally calibrated) secondarily. BTW, although Game mode was calibrated professionally, to my eye I was able to get its colors very close to those in THX. Still not as bright as I might like it to be in Game, but really a very good picture. Definitely use THX for all movies. And, Custom for all other programs, and some times sports when viewing at night...otherwise the sports programs some times look a little to dark, although the imaging and color look so real.
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I have had my set since August 2009. That means a little over 3 years. I still love it. While the black does not seem as dark as it once was it has little impact on my enjoying the show I am watching. I can recal each year thinking if only I had waited I could have purchased that one. Now we are into the Vt50? and they keep on getting better. I remember thinking about the Pioneer at 60 versus the Panasonic at 65. The extra inches makes a difference. Now there are sets at a price point where the size is 80 inches. Now that is big. Kind of exciting. Still not sure about 3D. I like some of the movies at the theater but not all of them. I still hate wearing the glasses and all. The picture is not really all that bad in 2D. And if you have the sound then really you are set. Now it looks like 4k is the next big thing. I don't think it will be as big as going from Standard Definition 480i to 1080p. That was a remarkable change in viewing quality. However, it all adds up I suspect. So when do you think you will want to replace your set? I am so happy with what I have now not sure I want to pay another $3000 and up for something else.
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Hi there:

This is likely too late, but, still thought it was worth sharing.

I bought a 65v10 three years ago. I use the stock remote that came with the system to control my ps3 with the HDMI control thingy. The problem is that the remote does NOT have a ps3 button, so when you are inside a program like netflix, you can't quit without getting a remote.

My gf screamed the other day when she figured out it IS possible to access the ps3 button on the standard panasonic remote that comes with this TV! She sat down on the remote and somehow hit the following sequence of events:

1. Hit the "Viera Link" button on the remote
2. Push the "OK" button on the remote when the Viera Link menu pops up on the left - make sure it has "Viera Link control -- player" selected.

That's it... after three years of cursing having to get my lazy arse up off the couch to get the ps3 remote...

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Hello fellow V10 owners,
I know many people have probably started getting rid of their V10's by now, but for those who still have them, there is a fix for the risen black level of your display.

You can read a bit more about it on the last couple pages of that monster Panasonic black level thread here...http://www.avsforum.com/t/1167339/panasonic-11g-12g-13g-black-levels-have-seemingly-doubled-overnight/10830

The guide (written by AVS member mironto) is located here... http://panasonic.mironto.sk/

I followed the guide step by step (not terribly difficult, btw) with my V10 and was able to reset the MLL back to when the set was new.

After living with the risen black level for 2-3 years, I forgot how good my set can look with those deep blacks. Even my wife noticed it - and as many of you can attest, that's really saying something.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I thought some of you may want to know.
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Thanks for digging it up, it's the first I heard of the fix.
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Deleted. Found the information I was looking for.
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