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Help me build a reference media library...

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I know, I know... Another list. I've been scanning for a while and I'm having a hard time building a list of media that's customized to my tastes so now I ask for your help. I'm not going to bother with my recommendations I'll just ask for yours.

As far as customizing to my tastes here is a little more info on what I like and the equipment in my set up:

NAD T-775 Receiver
Sharp Aquos 1080p LCD TV
B&W 600 S3 Series Speakers
SVS SB12-Plus Subwoofer
Playstation 3 (blu-ray/DVD)
AppleTV (Digital Lossless Music Server)

Prefer Rock, a lot of classic rock and even more modern/alternative rock. Also electronic bassy electronic stuff on occasion like crystal method and Propellerheads. DO NOT LIKE rap, classical or Jazz. No offense to those that do, just not my thing.

I'm wide open on movies but am preferring Blu-Ray with lossless audio these days. Don't feel that adding to my DVD collection is exactly future proof at this point. I'm also interested in adding some great quality Blu-Ray Concerts if you know of any.

Thanks for the help!

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Any help out there? Please.
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Sure. Your post is pretty similar to this one, so that might be one place to look. Also see these threads in the BD forum: Audio Quality Tier Thread, Picture Quality Tier Thread.

If you could narrow the focus a bit, that might make it somewhat easier to offer specific suggestions from the above lists. Maybe you're not that into CG animation, dramas, musicals, alternative/indie films, fantasy films, westerns, action films, super-heroes, classic sci-fi/horror, or older films in general, for example.

As far as music is concerned, there are folks here with more extensive knowledge on that subject, but I could maybe suggest some films on DVD or BD with good scores/soundtracks. I can't promise the audio (or video) would be up to reference quality on all of them though. Some of the better older films/scores are only available in monophonic sound for example.
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Thanks so much for the input. As far as movies are concerned there are a lot of dramas and comedies, both new and classic that are great but as far as showing off a home theater's capabilities maybe not the greatest material. What I'm looking for are any media track, be it cd or blu-ray that could be used to really highlight the sound system.

Thanks again!

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Or you could, you know, get what you really enjoy. There's always that.
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