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Panasonic DMR-60 Recording Error

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Recording from a Time Warner Converter/Hard Drive recorder to a Panasonic DMR-E60 DVR. I've tried various output/imput combinations between the two, same results:
Playback (on finalized disc) starts out fine. After about 2 minutes, the audio continues fine, but the video goes away and the following message appears:

Your TV does not allow display of this program through the DVI input source. Please chose another TV input source."

Same exact results when I play the disc though my computer and another DVD player and TV. Burn a few more discs with exact same results.

What's up? Any way around this?
FWIW, TV is a Samsung LN52A550 with an HDMI connecting the Cable DVR to the TV, and analog from the Panasonic DVR to the TV.
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It appears your converter box is the problem. The actual error is "GS511_HDCP_DLG". A search reveals many answers to this problem. It probably needs a firmware update or unit exchange.

According to this thread, whenever the converter box detects a digital hookup, it will display this message on both the digital and analog outputs, which is why it is showing up on your finalized DVD. Temp solution would be to unplug the digital cord and use analog outputs only.
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Thanks, Tomwil! I'll give it a shot.
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I had the exact same problem with the exact equipment

Had to download a firmware upgrade for the recorder from Panasonic

It now records and plays back everything, including HD Channels
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