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Pioneer VSX-406

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Hi. I just bought a used Pioneer VSX-406 5.1 amp, but I can't find any specs for it anywhere on the internet. Anyone know where I could find the manual or find its specs? From the brief testing that I've done it seems to be about 80 watts per channel on the front channels, and probably about 40 on the center channel. Haven't got the rear channels working yet, so don't know what they can do.

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Hi Eric,

Click here: http://audio.manualsonline.com/manua...er/vsx406.html

The Pioneer VSX-406 is a Dolby Pro Logic A/V receiver, with 80 watts x 4 channels (80 watts for each of the 2 front main channels, 80 watts for the center channel and 80 watts for the 2 surround channels). So there is about 40 watts for each surround channel.

The VSX-406 is a 1996 model receiver (hence the last digit of it's model #).
The THD for the Main/Center/Surround is 0.8%.
The rated frequency response (Full-Power Bandwidth) is 40hz-20khz (no + or -db mentioned, but I'll say about 0.5db for that range).
The MM Phono S/N (db, A-Wtd.) is 75db.
It's got 2 video inputs.
The tuner section is pretty decent.
The weight is 16 lbs.
The list price was $310 U.S. dollars. (1996)
The price now that you can get it, is $60 or below.



Note: Connect both surround speakers to obtain sound coming from them.
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Figured I'd update this thread since this is one of the top hits for "VSX-406" on Google.

The amplifier section of this thing is actually *rated* at 100w x2 in Stereo. Since no one in their right mind could have any real use for Pro-Logic anymore, this actually makes a really solid 2 channel stereo receiver. When I first received it, it was actually given to me as part of a custom powered subwoofer setup where the Pio was purely being used as a mono subwoofer amp. I got rid of most of the vintage Sony equipment I had with that setup and one day decided to dust this guy off and see how it handled as a spare 2 channel amp. It sounds fantastic with a Bose Acoustimass 3 Series IV. Good enough, in fact, that it's all I've got connected to my Samsung 46C9000 TV. I always forget to turn it off, so it's on about 90 percent of the time even after all these years, and I've not had a lick of trouble with it. My only complaint is the lackluster speaker connections, which tend to break when used with thick cables or banana plugs.

If you've got one of these laying around you were thinking of tossing out, give it a chance, it might surprise you.
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I found one of these at a garage sale and have not hooked it up as I'm having trouble finding an owners manual - the link that is on this site seemed to be a dead end any ideas?
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The VSX-406 was my very first receiver. I bought it in 1997 when I was 11 years old. It's a beast. Within a week of owning it, I spilled a glass of pepsi inside it, but after a day of drying, it's worked perfectly ever since. i've literally been beating this amp up since I was a kid, and it's lasted very, very well. Outlasted many sets of speakers in fact. The only complaint I have today is that the display is hard to see, it's dimmed out a lot over the years, but then again I have never turned it off. It's been on for about 15 years solid. Never a problem. Using it as my bedroom amp these days.
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I have the same receiver that a friend gave me.  When it powers up, the display says, "Muting" and no matter which button or selector I press, after a few seconds, the display will go back to "muting".  What gives?  I don't have a manual, so I don't know how to correct this.  Please help.  Thanks.

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