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6. Click on the Options tab. (image 06)
Under Image options, make sure the following is selected:

Data Type is MODE 1/2048.
File system is ISO9660.
Do not change any other options here.

7. Click on the Labels tab. (image 07-1)
In the Volume Label section, type PIONEER all in capital letters (very important!!!) in the ISO9660 box. (image 07-2)

8. Click on the Advanced tab. (image 08-1)

You will see three other tabs below: Dates, Restrictions, and Bootable Disc. Click on the Restrictions tab. (image 08-2)
The ISO9660 tab appears.

Under Folder/File Name Length, make sure Level 1 - 11 Characters, 8.3 Format is selected.

Under Character Set, make sure Standard is selected.
Do not change any other options here.
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9. Click on the Build button (the folders to disc icon)
(image 09)

10. A warning box appears. ImgBurn assumes it's an image file with a BIN extension. Ignore this. You want to write the YKB9326C.BIN file to the disc as a data file, so click the Yes button to create a backup of this file.
(image 10)

11. ImgBurn gives you the information about the disc you're about to create. Click "OK" to proceed. (image 11-1)
ImgBurn burns the file and verifies the disc. (image 11-2)

12. ImgBurn displays an "Operation Successfully Completed!" message. (image 12)
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Nice guide!

Is it Ok if I use it?
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Hkan, you're welcome to use the guide. I've refined the guide at the other forum as well. Take a look:


Can't thank you enough for the work you do on the multiregion firmware.
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Searched here and didn't find anything about what I'm experiencing. I really like the 420 but have experienced periodic loud spinning and grinding noises, and very infrequently audio dropout from HDMI. I've had it in for warranty repair, and of course they can't duplicate the problem.

It happens on multiple discs, they are all in immaculate condition, not warped or scratched. It is connected directly to a Kuro with Monoprice HDMI cable that has run other BD players just fine.

Once I stop the player and restart it, the symptoms usually go away for a while. Also, it has never damaged any of the discs I've used. Sounds like something is out of balance, but the technician doesn't agree with me.

Thanks for any ideas.
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is it always the same specific discs or does it happen randomly on all of your discs? are the discs commercial dvd's or are they discs you burned yourself? if they are discs you burned what ripper/converter software did you use?

hopefully none of those questions are dweebish (cuz it sounds like you know what you're doing) but any extra info might help to home in on the problem.

also, are you using Hkan's firmware or the factory stuff?
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I was wondering if there is a way to make the divx subtitles load automatically. I have the YLH0319A firmware and I tried all 3 options - All, Auto, One but I have to press the Subtitle button every time otherwise they don't load. Thanks!
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I use the 420 regularly with disks with multiple AVI's. To get to the file names, I need to hit the "Top Menu" button on the remote - then up/down arrow to select what I want to watch. Works fine.
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Did anyone figure out a solution for the unit freezing (requiring power cord to be unplugged) when using USB?
I have the DV-220 (which has almost identical specs to the 420) but its stopped working consistently (after only two years). Looking for a replacement, I saw PioneerUSA has stopped making dvd players, so I got a 420 which arrived today. Testing it, I've run into the above problem with Xvid on a USB stick - specifically when I try to FF/RW, the picture and unit freezes and you have to unplug it. The same USB sticks/AVI play fine on the DV-220, and other USB-dvd players.

AVI on USB stick can sometimes be glitchy on the DV-220, but usually it's when the Xvid has VBR audio (instead of CBR audio). But the 420 freezes even with CBR audio when FF/RW. I dont know why the 420 and 220 would differ when supposedly the hardware is the same. Even when FF/RW works, its usually slow on both models, I think because they use USB 1.1, instead of 2.0 (which even the basic Philips player uses).
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I had the same prob on my 420 when using AVI/USB....drove me nuts trying to isolate the issue. Solved it by doing a Full Format (not Quick) on the stick each time before loading in the AVI(s). Try that and see if it takes care of it.
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thanks, dataport, I'll give it a shot. I wish there was a firmware upgrade (perhaps from Hakan) that would fix the issue.
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I tried formatting and copied one of the "problem" Xvids, and it still froze the unit when FF. However, just checking out my other two USB sticks on the dvd player, they now seemed to play the existing Xvids okay. Rewind is much too slow, of course. So then I added another Xvid to the reformated stick to see what would happen. The problem Xvid still navigated okay until near the end and it froze the unit.
I dunno, seems too inconsistent. Anyone want to buy a new 420?
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For what it's worth, whenever my 420 acts like a squirrel i do the unplug thing for about 10 minutes. if that doesn't do it, i take Haken's firmware and reload it into the machine (sometimes twice in a row right on top of itself). that seems to do the trick.

i have to say though i've had little or no problems from my 420 with Haken's firmware(s) so i'm not sure if the above will cure your problem.
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I dont see how Hakin's software would have any bearing with playing USB. I used his region-free fix for my 220 and USB playback wasnt improved (it was the usual playback). Anyway, I managed to return the 420 to the seller.
No more Pioneer for me after this model, and after trying an import model (which has a misleading picture of normal remote which is actually tiny); it didnt convert to NTSC black level correctly because region 3 Asian players are designed for NTSC framerate/resolution with PAL black level - a hybrid format used in Japan. USA sellers dont know anything about it, so they dont mention it. The model I got was also buggy with USB playback.
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sorry i misunderstood... thought you meant when you loaded Hkan's firmware the machine started to go fritzy on FF.

on the topic of the problem avi's, did you try running them through virtualdub before copying them to the usb stick. the only reason i say that is because many of the avi's i get are weirded out one way or another... i've gotten in the habit of opening them up in virtualdub and re-saving them (and using the newly saved ones).

just out of curiosity did you purchase a different machine after the 420? if so which one did you decided on?
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I am looking for a DVD transport. I want to be able to play DVDs from all regions(0-6) and all formats(PAL/NTSC). This player will be used as a DVD only transport. USB/CD/SACD etc.. playback is NOT needed. I need 480i/576i over hdmi. I also want it to output PAL on PAL discs and NTSC on NTSC therefor PAL to NTSC i convertion is NOT needed. Pioneer DV-420 seems like a good player for me.

1-Do you think the different mediatek chip in DV-610 provide me any benefit since I don't need upconvertion, PAL/NTSC convertion or USB playback support?

2-Does this player have (CUE)Chroma Upsampling Error found on most pioneer dvd player?

3-Do you think using Hkan's tweaked firmwares provide me any benefits since I don't need upconvertion, PAL/NTSC convertion or USB playback support?

In summary I need a player which will output DVDs in their native resolution and format over HDMI(as unprocessed as possible). SO I can use my outboard video processor/scaler. My display can show 50/60/72/75hz(PAL/NTSC/SECAM) in their native frame rate.

4-Is it possible to get this player SDI modded?
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