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Just had this issue....and the reset worked for me.....THANKS.
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Thanks so much to all of you that posted. We've had our Sony Bravia for 3 years. Friday night, none of the HDMI ports were functioning. I first tried turning off the TV (using the button on the TV) and holding the up arrow as suggested as suggested. I didn't work. But unplugging the TV worked!
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I tried the "up button reset" to no avail.   Could only get "component" to work.  As a last resort, I tried your procedure, and my eyes bugged out!   The HDMI started working!  Owe you a beer, man!

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Oldie thread but goodie! Up arrow power worked great for Bravia KDL-32L4000.
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Electrical Guy you da MAN! I thought I had fried my set up. Long story short I was doing some wiring (using an existing line to add another). I was being lazy, up in the attic and didn't want to turn off the breaker to the live wire I was tapping onto. When I took the old wire nut off, there was a tiny spark as well as when I added in the new wire -- nothing bad mind you, just a tiny spark. After HDMI had no sound. Component worked find. I tried EVERYTHING BUT Electrical Guy's (EG) advice listed above and got no change. I'm a pretty tech savvy guy (or so I thought) and had given up hope. But not being one to give up w/o trying everything, I did exactly what EG said to do and BAM! I'm back in business. Gawd I love the internet, boards like this, nice people like those above who are willing to help others "just because" and having sound out of my TV with HDMI! Rock on everyone!smile.gifsmile.gif
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So yesterday we were watching a film on the sony blue-ray player and had the theatre system on, the blue ray is plugged into the hdmi 2 port, after watching the film we turned the blue ray and theatre off and turned the virgin TiVo on, this is plugged into hdmi 1, this is when we discovered that there was no picture or sound coming through. It was late at night and we decided that we would sort it in the morning. When it came to the morning the Sony Bravia KDL-40v4000 wasn't even showing the blue ray picture any more. We also discovered that the freeview wasn't working either, we have no idea what the issues are and what is causing them, the sony website or customer support offers no support and so we are stuck in between buying a new tv or trying to fix it, but like before we have no clue. PLEASE HELP ASAP, we don't want to waste or money on a simple problem that can be solved easily.
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