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Help with bedroom speaker solution

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I have a commercial model plasma (no speakers) in my bedroom. Currently I'm using the Bose Companion 3 as a simple speaker system. This worked fine when I was a Time Warner subscriber and could control the volume thru the cable box.

Unfortunately, I just switched to DirecTV and discovered that my box has no volume control. So I am left with a wired remote control (the Bose "control pod") solution, and the wire barely reaches the bed.

Can anyone recommend a speaker system that is:
1) simple (2-3 speakers max, preferably self-amplified so I don't need a receiver, since everything sits atop my dresser)
2) cheap (since I already dropped $250 on the now-useless Bose)
3) comes with a wireless remote?

Thanks everyone.
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Look into sound bars. They do the same as a Bose, but sound better.
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Well, soundbars aren't cheap, but one should meet your needs.

How about professional active monitors?
I was looking at these JBLs recently:

There are lots of other options available, but it's hard to beat JBL's engineering resources.
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The best powered speaker I know in that range is the Audioengine 2.


or if you can swing it, the Audioengine 5.

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