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Orlando, FL - AT&T

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Welcome to the Orlando area AT&T U-Verse thread,

This is the place to post if you are in Central Florida and already on an AT&T system or if you are interested in their offerings and have questions.

Not yet being on AT&T (but interested to learn more from those who are), I am posting the channel lineup that I pulled from the UVerse website (as of 4/26/2009):

Cha. Channel Name*
1166* A&E HD*
1178* ABC Family Channel HD*
1252* Animal Planet HD*
1650* Big Ten Network HD*
1181* Bravo HD*
1216* CNBC HD*
1202* CNN HD*
1120* Discovery Channel HD*
1302* Disney Channel HD*
1304* Disney XD HD*
1134* E! Entertainment HD*
1602* ESPN HD*
1606* ESPN2 HD*
1605* ESPNU HD*
1604* ESPNews HD*
1721* FSN Florida Alternate HD*
1720* FSN Florida HD*
1128* FX Network HD*
1452* Food Network HD*
1210* Fox News Channel HD*
1149* G4 HD*
1641* Golf HD*
1102* HD Theater*
1105* HDNet*
1106* HDNet Movies*
1450* HGTV HD*
1270* History HD*
1362* Lifetime Movie Network HD*
1360* Lifetime Television HD*
1630* NFL Network HD*
1265* National Geographic Channel HD*
1007* QVC HD*
1420* QVC HD*
1151* Sci Fi Channel HD*
1258* Science Channel HD*
1652* Speed HD*
1699* Sports HD Alternate 5*
1380* Style Network HD*
1722* Sun Sports HD*
1723* Sun Sports HD Alternate*
1112* TBS HD*
1108* TNT HD*
1250* The Learning Channel HD*
1225* The Weather Channel HD*
1254* Travel Channel HD*
1124* USA Network HD*
1640* VERSUS HD*
1015* WDSC-HD-15 (PBS)*
1002* WESH-HD-2 (NBC)*
1009* WFTV-HD-9 (ABC)*
1180* WGN America HD*
1018* WKCF-HD-18 (THE CW)*
1006* WKMG-HD-6 (CBS)*
1024* WMFE-HD-24 (PBS)*
1003* WOFL-HD-35 (FOX)*
1470* Wealth TV HD*
1840* 5StarMax HD*
1846* ATMax HD*
1837* ActionMAX HD - West*
1836* ActionMax HD*
1832* Cinemax HD*
1833* Cinemax HD - West*
1932* Encore HD*
1211* Fox Business Network HD*
1810* HBO Comedy HD*
1811* HBO Comedy HD - West*
1806* HBO Family HD*
1807* HBO Family HD - West*
1802* HBO HD*
1803* HBO HD - West*
1814* HBO Latino HD*
1815* HBO Latino HD - West*
1808* HBO Signature HD*
1809* HBO Signature HD - West*
1812* HBO Zone HD*
1813* HBO Zone HD - West*
1804* HBO2 HD*
1805* HBO2 HD - West*
1794* Hallmark Movie Channel HD*
1116* MGM HD*
1835* MoreMAX HD - West*
1834* MoreMax HD*
1638* NHL Network HD*
1680* Outdoor Channel HD*
1844* OuterMax HD*
1505* Palladia*
1465* Planet Green HD*
1858* Showtime Extreme HD*
1859* Showtime Extreme HD - West*
1852* Showtime HD*
1853* Showtime HD - West*
1856* Showtime Showcase HD*
1857* Showtime Showcase HD - West*
1854* Showtime Too HD*
1855* Showtime Too HD - West*
1118* Smithsonian Channel HD*
1735* SportsTime Ohio HD*
1910* Starz Comedy HD*
1904* Starz Edge HD*
1902* Starz HD*
1903* Starz HD - West*
1912* Starz Kids & Family HD*
1884* TMC Xtra HD*
1883* The Movie Channel (TMC) HD - West*
1882* The Movie Channel HD*
1839* ThrillerMAX HD - West*
1838* ThrillerMax HD*
1104* Universal HD*
1842* WMAX HD*
1702* YES HD*

Welcome! Please post your experiences - and thanks, in advance...
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Where are you located?
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My family is considering U-Verse if it becomes available on our street.

I hear the picture is better than BH but do not like the fact they do not have MLB TV, NBA TV and CBS College Sports.

I also like the local news13 for when I have to watch news, BHSN and the primetime on demand.

If someone gets it, let us know how it is.
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I am not sure if I understood what is or is not availbe on ATT U-verse ..
Is wrbv-65 orlando available with my favorite 2-1/2 men?
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thank you!!
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Hi. Thank you for starting a thread. I've been looking for apartments in Orlando (Orange County) where U-Verse is available.

I'm only going for Internet service (I already have Packet8 500-minute basic plan) and don't need a TV service (I only watch digital local channels via OTA), so U-Verse Internet looks to be cheaper than DSL Direct.

Is AT&T currently doing more fiber construction for apartments in Orange county? (Right now, I'm in Tallahassee.)
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Just found out ATT U-verse is available in my area, with Brighthouse having dumped HDNet/HDNet movies and the terrible box software, I've jumped ship to U-Verse. The installer is coming on the 16th. Switching internet, tv and phone(though it turns out this isn't the "full u-verse", top internet speed is 10 and can only record one HD show at a time). Ill keep everyone updated on how it goes.
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Well, for those still interested, ATT came by today. The installers were very nice and did the work very professionaly. The install took an extra two hours because ATT had stopped all installs due to a major system upgrade.

First impressions: The box software is extremely fast and responsive. When you change channels it's like there isn't even a box. Overall, I think, the box software is far superior to BHN. The U-verse bar that shows stocks/weather/sports is a very nice touch, you can even play yahoo games from the box. The list of HD channels is of course impressive.

As for video quality? The HD channels look nice, though they aren't perfect; for instance there is some pixelization (sp). The SD channels again are good looking but aren't perfect.

It is also taking a little bit to get used to the channel limits(2hd/2sd).

Overall, within the first few hours, I'm pretty happy with the system.
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Unlucky Seven,

How's your impression after 2 weeks? I just scheduled my install for July 18th. I've been very unimpressed with BrightHouse's failure to add HD in a timely manner. Pricewise, Uverse will cost $4 more/month, but I'll get over 30 more HD channels than BH.

How did they do the wiring in your home? There's no phone wiring to any room except our kitchen, but coax runs to each room.
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So far I'm still happy with the u-verse service. The PQ seems to be the same, but I'm no expert on it. Only being able to watch/record 4 channels(max 2hd/2sd) takes a little getting used to but I haven't run into an issue with not being able to watch something, I just have to switch to a non-hd channel. U-verse does not have any of the locals sub channels.

The box software is alot better, though the remote's IR is finicky and takes a little to get used to. I had to move a box that sat close to the floor to above the TV.

Being able to record from the internet/smart phone is nice, especially since you can only schedule recordings from the main dvr(an update is suppose to occur soon which allows one to schedule/delete recordings from the non dvr box). I believe you can't use an HDMI cable and listen to dolby digital.

The phone is good. I ran into major issues with porting a 2nd line from ATT legacy service. It ported okay, but than it "unported" and that has been kind of a mess. Finally after trying to get a new number for the 2nd line and them calling up saying they had issues porting the new number I've just said forget it.

The internet is good too. The modem/router they use is strong and easily reaches across the house. There is an issue with webpages not loading because of DNS, a refresh fixes it. According to people on dslreports this issue should be fixed soon.

As for the install, they used the existing coax cable. The router needs to be setup next to a coax cable and they need to run a wire from the outside u-verse box to the router. One of the boxes is located next to the router and they just ran an Ethernet cable from the router to the box.

There can not be a splitter on the coax line. I had a catv plug on both sides of a wall. They had to go to the other side and pull out the cable because there was an inwall splitter.

Before the installers leave make sure you can record/watch two hd feeds. I am close enough to the vrad for the 2hd/2sd feed but the programming profile was only setup for 1hd/3sd feeds. It took a week(because of the phone issues) and over an hour on the phone to switch the programming profile.

If you have any other questions let me know
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Thanks for the details. I now know what to expect on install day.

We don't have phone service, so I'm not doing any number porting. Just TV and internet.

I'm between 500 and 1000 feet from the VRAD, so speed should not be an issue, however, the address database didn't list my address (but my neighbors on either side of me were listed).

The online rep suggested I order with my neighbor's address to get the current install deals (free install/$200 cash back), but then call to correct the issue. The service rep I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and called me back quickly to let me know she had to escalate the issue and it might take a week or so to resolve the address database issue.

Now, I already have Cat5e running from my data closet (where my current router/cable modem is now) to my TV's (for my XBox and Media Players). I'm curious if they'll want to use that cable. I don't care as long as my devices are still plugged in (via a switch or some sort of pass-thru device)

We'll see when the installer shows up in nearly 3 weeks.
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Just got the latest update that allows recording/deleting of programs from all boxes around the house.
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Slight 2 week delay in install due to the fact that it took the installer complaining to a supervisor about the failure to pre-qualify my address.

The install was very smooth and the installers were very professional. Used my Cat-5 cabling and AT&T only ran 1 cable from the NID to the RG.

Still getting acclimated, but the usability and PQ is very good. I like the web-based ability to set my DVR. Ran into a few issues setting up additional email addresses last night, but the issue was resolved this morning. Ran into some wierd networking issues with how the RG does some stuff, but was able to figure everything necessary out.

Only thing I wish was improved was the series recording feature. I often have several prime-time shows which overlap and if the show repeats 2 hours later (like Discovery Channel repeats a 9pm show at 11pm) I'd like to only record the 11pm showing, but setting the "new shows only" will not record the program, so I must set "new and repeat episiodes" and delete any other airings. Perhaps a day of the week limitation? Like only record on Tuesdays at 11pm?
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I'm glad to see ATT U-Verse got its own thread...I have had it since March and love it. The only issue I have had is intermittant problem w/ audio not matching up w/ video. Anyone else have this issue?
BTW, I got the U-200 + 6mb internet.
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BTW...here is a link to the complete channel line up...the one on the 1st post isn't nearly complete.

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I am now able to get the service. I went to the local ATT store and saw the setup in operation. The box seems nice but the picture quality in my eyes is below the quality of BHN. Lots of pixelation. Can any long term users comment?
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I've been on UVerse since September, and this past week was the first time I've noticed any stuttering or pixellation. I understand that infrastructure upgrades are underway (to deliver three simultaneous HD streams). Maybe this is a part of the problem.

These IPTV boxes are quite a bit lower in complexity and build quality compared to the ones BHN deploys, but I'd imagine they cost a lot less, too. Hopefully they will be hardened and add features as time goes on. We've had two issues with the boxes. On the bedroom TV, we had spotty remote control usage no more than 10-20' from the TV. Turned out being the "warm" temperature setting for the picture interferes with IR reception on the box. I'm looking for a wall mounted double shelf to put under the TV & "mask" the IR sensor on the IPTV box from direct exposure to the light from the TV, and then see if I can turn my "heat" back up. In the living room, we had the box mounted in the TV stand, directly under the projector portion of our DLP TV. It suffered from chronic "freezes," requiring a power cycle to clear, usually at start up time. We tried everything. After the issue in the bedroom, I moved the box to a position underneath the home theater receiver and the problem hasn't returned. I guess the receiver makes a good enough shield. I'm told it might be something emanating from the color wheel component.

Anyhow, I was impressed with one thing that happened during troubleshooting. We had to swap the dvr box, and of course we lost all the recordings. But, with the home dvr system, a copy of your program settings resides on the home gateway. So I didn't have to reprogram all my recordings. There are some features I miss from the BH boxes, but this one UVerse has is pretty cool - and a timesaver.

The biggest problem with the IPTV boxes is this: Windows CE is their operating system. So, what they lose in hardware cost for the simpler box, they gain in licensing fees and instability, lol. Hopefully, since Cisco produces both STB's (BHN & ATT), we'll see some features make their way over. And you'd think they'd try to put in on Linux, considering the cost differences. But, I'm just speculating. For now, there's too much to like about UVerse to worry about a few features.
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U-Verse looks good but my family will be sticking with BHN.

U-Verse's picture seems below BHN plus U-Verse does not have MLB Network, NBA TV or MSNBC HD or cfn13 when I have to watch the local news along with This Tv and RTN.

They do have the NFL Network, GSN, Boomerang and some RSN's (No MSG) though amongst some other things. It's just not right for me at this time.

How would you guys say the cost compares to BHN btw?
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Any expansion to Winter Garden/Windermere area yet? Moving there soon and really don't want BHN after we relocate.
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I just moved and am considering U-verse, would love to hear some more recent feedback.
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For reasons unknown, this topic was not in the US Thread Index topic. Thus, it may not be known by many readers. I'll add it now, but you may have to give it a little time before seeing a response. Also, check the main U-verse topic in the HDTV Programming Forum. All U-verse service areas get the exact same HD image quality.
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Originally Posted by Ken H View Post

For reasons unknown, this topic was not in the US Thread Index topic. Thus, it may not be known by many readers. I'll add it now, but you may have to give it a little time before seeing a response. Also, check the main U-verse topic in the HDTV Programming Forum. All U-verse service areas get the exact same HD image quality.

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