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HDMI Cable Run Question

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Currently I have a 40' cable run of 6 x RG6 cables going from an A/V closet through a conduit in the floor to a Sony CRT projector. I'm upgrading the projector to a new DLI with HDMI inputs and don't know how easy/feasible it will be to pull HDMI cables through the conduit. The projector will be a new $5K JVC model and the sources will be DirecTV and Blue Ray (1080p). Two questions:

1) If I can pull HDMI through the conduit, do I need to be careful on choice of cables given the length of the run?

2) I understand that I can buy an adapter that will allow me to run the HDMI signal over several of the RG6 cables. Can this be done and still not degrade the picture quality? Is there a particular vendor (e.g., Extron, etc.) that people would recommend for this particular type of adapter?

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1) if it was me, i'd use the belden bonded cable from bluejeans... it should be ok at that length, but i'd test it thoroughly (with all resolutions and frame rates) before i pulled it.

2) i think you are referring to something like this? if so, it would probably be cheaper to pull cat6 and use baluns...

good luck!
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Thanks...If pulling cables is an option then your suggestions are the better way to go. If this proves to be difficult, I'll need to look hard at the HDMI over Cable converters like the Gefen model you linked to. Does anyone know whether the HDMI over Cable converters result in signal degradation for 1080p relative to using a quality HDMI cable (such as the bluejeans one). This question may be moot if pulling new cables through the conduit proves to be impossible, but given the high cost of these units, would be good to know whether they interfere with the signal before deciding...
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unfortunately, i can't comment as to the efficacy of the hdmi over coax solution... maybe someone else will chime in...

that being said, with hdmi, it's generally a "work/don't work" result... if there's any issues with the signal, it's very evident in the picture (i.e. sparklies or no picture at all)...
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If the HDMI to cable converter does not use compression (and I don't think the Gefen unit does) then there will be no degradation of the signal. (But note that the Gefen device is still vapor ware --"In Development"). I don't know if anyone else is actually delivering such a converter.
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