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10.6.. what do we know about what will be accelerated?

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There's been plenty of "wait for 10.6, with GPU-offload it will accelerate EVERYTHING" statements (I exxaggerate, but only slightly). I'm wondering how much will actually improve with 10.6, or if we're just pipe-dreaming.

I'd be shocked if Apple let themselves fall that far behind by not making use of this same type of acceleration already available under Linux (personal experience with vdpau) and Windows (no experience with CUDA, just reading the trade rags about upcoming ION-based systems), but Apple is definitely playing catch up at this point in being able to use even a low-end GPU to make a low-end CPU look like a speed-demon for graphics tasks (with VDPAU under linux, my $20 8400gs card took cpu loading from 80% to under 10% using vdpau-enable version of mplayer for the same movie)

I'm not looking for hopes/dreams/speculation... What has Apple said publicly? What are developers with the 10.6 betas reporting? (or are they allowed to?)

Links I found:

Will it be the same type of CUDA/OpenCL that is advertised for the new ION systems running Windows ( http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_home.html#) or along the lines of VDPAU acceleration seen on linux systems (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDPAU). I'm no real expert on this, but OpenCL seems like graphics *and* general proc offload.. my experience with vdpau, it seems more just graphics (but let me tell you, its shockingly good/effective)

this quote in the THW article

For the first time, the operating system is going to see the GPU both as a graphics chip and as a compute engine

Personally, I'm less interested in general CPU offload and more interested in seeing kick-a** graphics offload, such that no one would ever have to ask again "can my Mac play this video?" (with vpdau, that question is now moot... only hole in this right now is that Flash is not able to be offloaded yet, so its still a dog)

Again, looking for published articles, facts as they are know, not rumors, nor wild speculation. It may or may not be useful to compare to the acceleration already in use for Windows/Linux if there are good examples to be drawn about what things are improved, and what things are not.

Also worth asking, do apps have to be re-written/re-compiled to make use of the acceleration (or do they get some gain for free, and more if they do re-write) ? Under VDPAU, the apps do have to update their code to make use of the acceleration.
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We will doubtless learn a lot more on this subject from Apple's WWDC in June.
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