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Samsung HCN529W, led blinks 9 times.

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I have been searching all over trying to find anyone who has had a similar case with their rear projection Samsung. I got mine from a friend who didn't want to deal with it anymore. When I plug it in the Standby light illuminates. When the power is pressed the tv chirps and the standby led blinks 9 times and then all I have is a blank screen. I understand that the tv is in some sort of protection mode, but what do I need to test to narrow it down?

I have replaced both IC's, they were fine to begin with, and just today I replaced HOT Q431, but still have no solution. I really can't find anything helpful when I search, which is why I've resorted to creating my first post.

This site has helped me before with a Mitsubishi I had, so I know there are many people who probably have some sort of idea of what is wrong. All I need is a little help.
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Did you look for bad resistors near the Conv IC's? They won't show visibly, you have to use a meter.
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Yes I checked them. There are twelve 150ohm resistors (brown, green, brown, gold). Four for each color grouped in two's, aranged in parallel. Each measures 75ohms. Still looking for other possibilities. Thanks
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There's also other parallel sets that should read less than 5 ohms.
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I rechecked the vertical resistors (the ones you were refering to) and found that two for the red convergence had no continuity and were open. RZ127 and RZ128 both (I think) are 3.9ohm 5%. I'll replace these and hope for a new outcome. Thanks for sticking with me.
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Nevermind. I was hoping that would do it, but I'm pretty sure that my problem lies somewhere other than the convergence board. I read where others suggested turning on the set with the convergence board unhooked, where the tv should turn on and the convergence will be all messed up, but then you know the problem lies elsewhere. I'm still really hoping it's something really simple like that, but I suppose everyone does.
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What else should I be looking for?
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Are you getting high voltage? If not you can try disconnecting one crt at a time method. If you cant get high voltage then suggest Defl board: BP94-00505U (encompassparts.com or andrewselectronics.com)
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So a couple months ago I had a friend who obtained the same tv (Samsung hcn529w) with the same exact problem. The problem is that the tv has no visual display. Last month I ordered the deflection board BP94-00501B from encompassparts.com and my set turned on! I was so happy for 4 days. Then the tv, in the middle of watching a movie in my shop, quit displaying video... AGAIN. About a minute or two after that I threw a remote at the screen. I really don't understand what is wrong with this set now, as before I was eager to replace the whole deflection board.
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